Dracula: The Original Living Vampire

Detective Amelia Van Helsing is on the desperate hunt for the killer responsible for a string of grisly murders targeting young women. Matters only worsen when all evidence leads to the seemingly untouchable Count Dracula. And when Van Helsing’s girlfriend vanishes, she is forced to question the very existence of monsters in a final showdown with the enigmatic count.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Dr. Jack Seward: Michael Ironside
  • Count Dracula: Jake Herbert
  • Amelia Van Helsing: Christine Prouty
  • Mina Murray: India Davies
  • Jonathan Harker: Ryan Woodcock

Film Crew:

  • Producer: David Michael Latt
  • Co-Producer: Paul Bales
  • Executive Producer: David Rimawi
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Glenn Campbell
  • Line Producer: Vladimir Đukelić
  • Director: Maximilian Elfeldt
  • Line Producer: Justin A. Martell
  • Line Producer: Ivana Panić
  • Sound Effects Editor: Melanie Graham
  • Writer: Michael Varrati
  • Director of Photography: Predrag Jočić
  • Line Producer: Miloš Đukelić
  • Publicist: Avery Guerra
  • Line Producer: Matt Manjourides
  • Editor: Cameron Ames
  • First Assistant Director: Seager Dixon
  • Sound Mixer: Martin Richard Chappell
  • Line Producer: Adi Dizdarevic
  • Production Manager: Mia Mijuskovic
  • Second Assistant Director: Janko Djuric

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