A Man Called Ove

Despite being deposed as president of his condominium association, grumpy 59-year-old Ove continues to watch over his neighbourhood with an iron fist. When pregnant Parvaneh and her family move into the terraced house opposite Ove and she accidentally back into Ove’s mailbox, it sets off a series of unexpected changes in his life.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Ove: Rolf Lassgård
  • Parvaneh: Bahar Pars
  • Young Ove: Filip Berg
  • Sonja: Ida Engvoll
  • Patrick: Tobias Almborg
  • Jimmy: Klas Wiljergård
  • Anita: Chatarina Larsson
  • Rune: Börje Lundberg
  • Ove’s dad: Stefan Gödicke
  • Vitskjortan: Johan Widerberg
  • Journalisten Lena: Anna-Lena Bergelin
  • Sepideh: Nelly Jamarani
  • Nasanin: Zozan Akgün
  • Ove – 7 years old: Viktor Baagøe
  • Adrian: Simon Edenroth
  • Mirsad: Poyan Karimi
  • Young Anita: Maja Rung
  • Young Rune: Simeon Da Costa Maya
  • Mähät: Jessica Olsson
  • Anders: Fredrik Evers
  • Tom: Ola Hedén
  • Ove’s colleague: Lasse Carlsson
  • Clown Beppo: Anna Granath
  • Flower shop clerk: Emelie Strömberg
  • Dressman 1: Christoffer Nordenrot
  • Dressman 2: Simon Reithner
  • The conductor: Jerker Fahlström
  • Building department store Expedit: Johanna Karlberg
  • The director: Johan Friberg
  • Vitskjortan epok: Erik Ståhlberg
  • Neck tattooed man: Magnus Sundberg
  • Ove’s doctor: Karin de Frumerie
  • Brud: Sofie Gällerspång

Film Crew:

  • Editor: Fredrik Morheden
  • Executive Producer: Michael Hjorth
  • Music: Laleh Pourkarim
  • Director of Photography: Göran Hallberg
  • Executive Producer: Fredrik Wikström
  • Writer: Hannes Holm
  • Stunt Coordinator: Kimmo Rajala
  • Co-Producer: Martin Sundland
  • Co-Producer: Are Heidenstrøm
  • Makeup Designer: Eva von Bahr
  • Co-Producer: Yaba Holst
  • Gaffer: Kent Högberg
  • Production Design: Jan Olof Ågren
  • Co-Producer: Lone Korslund
  • Original Music Composer: Gaute Storaas
  • Casting: Moa Olsson
  • Line Producer: Karolina Heimburg
  • Steadicam Operator: Joel Olsson
  • Producer: Annica Bellander Rune
  • Casting: Johannes Persson
  • Makeup Designer: Love Larson
  • Producer: Nicklas Wikström Nicastro
  • Costume Design: Camilla Olai Lindblom
  • Novel: Fredrik Backman
  • Production Manager: Mia Welin
  • Production Manager: Chiho Nakama
  • Co-Producer: Helena Åkerman
  • Co-Producer: Agneta Perman
  • Co-Producer: Hanne Palmquist
  • Co-Producer: Katarina Krave
  • Co-Producer: Per Bouveng
  • Script Supervisor: Christina Braun-Bredelius
  • Music Supervisor: Magnus Palmborg

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: The life after the loved one departed.

    This is a Swedish film based on the book of the same name. It is sent to represent the nation at the 2017 Oscars and as for now, it made into the December shortlist. This is the tale of an old grumpy man and the life after the death of his wife. That would be a toughest phase of life for anybody. I am sure you had seen many films like this, but this one was slightly different, yet totally convincing on every topic it focused on. So funny, at a time meaningful and emotional, particularly how the tale ends.

    In a small township, a 59 year old man called Ove lived most of his life and now he decides to take his life. But the attempt was prevented when a new lousy neighbour arrives and so it keep delays further. Now’s the time to reveal all the reasons behind his dreadful decision with lots of flashbacks and current affairs. That he’s a nightmare in his neigbourhood to those who break the rules. He’s not a friendly type, because of his childhood and the lessons he learnt from his father to face the life as tough it gets.

    The only friend he ever had did not last for a long. His wife was his world and then the job at the railway. The narration given a good enough focus on his romance life. His younger version, played by another actor reveals particularly the initial stage like how he had met her. I don’t know these actors, but they all were so good. A perfect setting as well for the story to take place. I think the filmmakers did lots of best decisions and in the end it all paid off with a greater recognition in the international level.

    > “Honesty is the best thing, Ove. But sometimes honesty needs a little help.”

    A heartwarming comedy-drama for all age groups. I was looking for such a film and I realised only after watching it. The character Ove was designed awesomely and all the story events built around him was excellent. Covered most of the topics like friendship, love, neighbours, job, moral values, even the pet animals. Loads of fun, guaranteed entertainment if you are seeking a comedy film. As Ove was portrayed very seriously, all his actions, especially the newly arrived woman make major difference to end the film most comedic way.

    The regularly visiting his wife’s grave, the film beautifully gives an insight on the life of Ove being a widower and a retiree. But also how it all turns around for him who never laughs and finally he does, was the film’s highlight. Like I always say, I’m not a book person, but I love watching films based on the good books like this one. An awesome adaptation and I hope those who loved the book, as well enjoyed the film.

    Usually all the good films run nearly or over two hours. Because of the slow and steady developments in its characters and the story. For this film, you won’t notice the time. The pace of the narration, including the lovable characters and the storyline makes you forget everything else. In a few days the 89th American Academy Awards nominees will be announced and I am sure it will make. Looks like this year, three Scandinavian films going to make the noise at the Oscars. In the meantime, I hint you not to miss it, either it wins or lose, it is one of the best films of the year around the world.


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