A Street Cat Named Bob

James Bowen, a homeless busker and recovering drug addict, has his life transformed when he meets a stray ginger cat.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • James Bowen: Luke Treadaway
  • Betty: Ruta Gedmintas
  • Val: Joanne Froggatt
  • Nigel Bowen: Anthony Stewart Head
  • Mary: Caroline Goodall
  • Hillary: Beth Goddard
  • Baz: Darren Evans
  • Elsie: Ruth Sheen
  • Bus Conductress: Nina Wadia
  • Tube Station Guard: John Henshaw
  • Kelly: Nadine Marshall
  • Local Housing Officer: Lorraine Ashbourne
  • Pharmacist: Akbar Kurtha
  • Meter Lady: Llewella Gideon
  • Vet Receptionist: Ivana Bašić
  • Peter Gruner: Rob Jarvis
  • Faith: Sasha Dickens
  • Pris: Cleopatra Dickens
  • Cat Lover: Rosie Ede
  • Tony: Tony Jayawardena
  • Man with Car: Adam Riches
  • Danielle: Frances Ashman
  • American Wife: Jill Winternitz
  • American Husband: Ben Deery
  • Tourist: Gemma Nichols
  • Beatbox Performer: Pearl Maburutse
  • Cat Enthusiast: Margot Edwards
  • Rich Woman: Hattie Ladbury
  • Aggressive Dog Owner: Jacob James Beswick
  • Himself: James Bowen

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Irene Lamb
  • Director: Roger Spottiswoode
  • Art Direction: Charmian Adams
  • Music: David Hirschfelder
  • Executive Producer: Damian Jones
  • Executive Producer: Paul Brett
  • Executive Producer: Tim Smith
  • Writer: Maria Nation
  • Stunt Coordinator: Marc Cass
  • Executive Producer: Nicolas Steil
  • Costume Design: Jo Thompson
  • Line Producer: Lorraine Goodman
  • Casting: Rebecca Wright
  • Executive Producer: Spencer Pollard
  • Executive Producer: Laura Davison
  • Writer: Tim John
  • Executive Producer: Brian O’Shea
  • Novel: James Bowen
  • Novel: Garry Jenkins
  • Executive Producer: Alice de Sousa
  • Production Design: Antonia Lowe
  • Producer: Adam Rolston
  • Executive Producer: Howard Ball
  • Executive Producer: Anders Erdén
  • Executive Producer: John Rakoff
  • Executive Producer: James Scott
  • Executive Producer: Caroline Stern

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: **In the tough time, they have found one another.**

    After taking a week off from the films, now I’m back with this one. It is a British film based on the book of the same name, which is inspired by a real person and his cat. Well, it might be wrong to say ‘his cat’, because according to this film, I learnt that they have found one another. So nobody belongs to no one, except in human perception its ‘his cat’ and that’s how this story goes.

    The title reminded me a classic film, but this is nothing like that one. If fact, it is a very suitable title name. How many people do you think gets a chance to represent themselves for the film version, excluding documentaries. Here Bob the cat had got one. He was so perfect. I’m not really a cat person, but when I was small I lived among lots of them and they all are nothing like this Bob. So if I want one, I need exactly like the Bob.

    The story is about a young man, James, who is a drug addict. Living on the street, singing to get close to enough money to feed. Sometimes frustratingly short to buy a meal, leads back to the needles at the time he tries his best to free from them. Having no friends and family for support, that’s how he meets Bob. Bob is a stray cat who snuck into the James house and instantly they had become friends. All Bob wanted was a safe place and an owner to feed him. And for James, to divert attention from his issues.

    Humans and animals won’t talk, but all those great relationships are built with wonderful understanding. I have seen many films based on man and animal bond, and there’s nothing new from this, yet very inspiring. This tale was told from James perspective, having Bob alongside, but very nicely revealed how things change when we start to commit to something with a great support.

    > ❝You got yourself a lifelong partner there. Better friends than people, they are.❞

    From the outside, it looks like another ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. A man with no future, having a guitar in one hand and a cat in another, roaming the city. Other than that it is totally a different film. Well cast and made a film. The female lead looked like on cosplay. There’s a little romance, but the focus always has been James and Bob. Even there are many scenes from Bob’s perspective, like through his eyes how things look. Going after a mouse, travelling on the bus and bicycle, performing on the street, the camera literally on the ground to reveal that angle of the story.

    In a country like India, all domestic animals including pet animals roam casually everywhere without bothering about any threat. But elsewhere, like as in this film in England, one must get a license to have a pet. What I meant is, people are not used to those animals on the street and when they see one, they go like ‘oh, so cute’, ‘so sweet’. Anyway, Bob and James won the many hearts. When they get on the street, it will be a spotlight. Crowd throng to see them, the rare partnership led them to fame. That was not their intention, but it helped them to overcome poverty.

    The pet lovers would love this film. Despite the original theme is darker with drugs, the film was fun and friendly for almost all ages. Seems like a holiday film, particularly to watch during Christmas. Well, it came on that season, but I saw it only now and I’m happy I did not give it a miss. This is a good film for families, so recommended it to them. Meanwhile, there’s a follow-up book and I’m hoping that they would turn it as well a film. I don’t know the book, but after watching this one, I feel it is worth it. So waiting for any official confirmation.


  • r96sk: A great and hearty – true life – story.

    I watched ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ back when it was released at the cinema (remember them?) and thoroughly enjoyed it; something that hasn’t changed just over four years on. It’s a very touching story, crafted together very nicely. I also love cats, so I felt all the cuteness that this offers in that area.

    The cat(s) steals the show, but big credit also to Luke Treadaway who plays lead character James. He is superb in this. Ruta Gedmintas, Serafina herself, and Joanne Froggatt play their part too.

    Interested to find out what the, I have to say very unexpected, sequel has to offer.

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