The Blacklight

Despite trying to leave behind his life of crime, Danny reluctantly teams with naïve rich kid Liam and wildcard drug dealer Kit Viper. A botched robbery leaves them in possession of a mysterious supernatural artifact with immense potential.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Danny: Grant Lancaster
  • Gabe Giallo: Victor Verhaeghe
  • Liam Green: Brooks Russell
  • Kit Viper: Corey Scott Rutledge
  • Lucky: Richard Templeton
  • Gregor: Brad Stuart
  • Hannah Hirsch: Samantha Aneson
  • Landon Hirsch: Michael Dale
  • …: Godfrey J. Rayner
  • Mike: Roberto Serrini
  • Koehler: Bristol Pomeroy

Film Crew:

  • Writer: Nick Snow
  • Producer: Corey Scott Rutledge
  • Director of Photography: Luis Alarcon
  • Music Arranger: Ryan McTear
  • Lighting Director: Ronnie Bhardwaj
  • Executive Producer: Don Hatton
  • Assistant Director: Zena Wood
  • Writer: Brooks Russell
  • Production Designer: Anna Rodriguez
  • Editor: Hazel Nicholoff
  • Executive Producer: Jesus Sanchez
  • Executive Producer: Jenny Kosinski
  • Executive Producer: Sarah Werckle
  • Executive Producer: Kevin Carter
  • Executive Producer: Dimitrios Kalaitzakis
  • Executive Producer: Mark Canty

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