Mary and Max

A tale of friendship between two unlikely pen pals: Mary, a lonely, eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max, a forty-four-year old, severely obese man living in New York. In the mid-1970s, a homely, friendless Australian girl of 8 picks a name out of a Manhattan phone book and writes to him; she includes a chocolate bar. He writes back, with chocolate. Thus begins a 20-year correspondence. Will the two ever meet face to face?

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Mary Daisy Dinkle (voice): Toni Collette
  • Max Jerry Horovitz (voice): Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • Damien (voice): Eric Bana
  • Narrator (voice): Barry Humphries
  • Young Mary (voice): Bethany Whitmore
  • Vera (voice): Renée Geyer
  • Homeless Man (voice): Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum
  • Bus Stop Mother / Kissing Woman (voice): Julie Forsyth
  • Harvey Krumpet / Ken / Len Hislop (voice): John Flaus
  • 911 Operator / Ambulance Voice / Derisive Observer (voice): Christopher Massey
  • New York Callgirl / New Yorker One (voice): Carolyn Shakespeare-Allen
  • Lincoln (uncredited): Michael Ienna
  • Frankston Icebreaker Two (voice): Shaun Patten
  • Post Office Customer (voice): Leanne Smith

Film Crew:

  • Co-Executive Producer: Andrew Mackie
  • Co-Executive Producer: Richard Payten
  • Co-Executive Producer: Iain Canning
  • Editor: Bill Murphy
  • Legal Services: Bryce Menzies
  • Sound Effects Editor: Michael Carden
  • Sound Effects Editor: Frank Lipson
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Andrew McGrath
  • ADR Supervisor: Peter Walker
  • Thanks: Michael James Rowland
  • Writer: Adam Elliot
  • Producer: Melanie Coombs
  • Executive Producer: Mark Gooder
  • Executive Producer: Paul Hardart
  • Executive Producer: Tom Hardart
  • Executive Producer: Dale Cornelius
  • Director of Photography: Gerald Thompson
  • Casting: Brooke Howden
  • Conductor: William Larsen
  • Thanks: Beth Frey
  • Thanks: Ross Matthews
  • Thanks: Benjamin Webster
  • Thanks: Emily Ziff
  • Sound Effects Editor: Erin McKimm
  • Animation: Darcy Prendergast
  • Thanks: Jonathan Chissick
  • Animation: Sophie Raymond
  • Special Effects: Isabel Peppard
  • Thanks: Paul Fitzgerald
  • Thanks: Trudy Hellier
  • Thanks: Scott Meek
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Page
  • Thanks: David Alpert
  • Thanks: Jamie Peterson
  • Foley: John Simpson
  • Thanks: Robert Styles
  • VFX Artist: Darren A. Bell
  • Still Photographer: Suzy Wood
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Laurent Boudaud
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Doron Kipen
  • VFX Supervisor: Michael J. Allen
  • Thanks: Trish Lake
  • Animation: Darren Burgess
  • Animation: Daniel Agdag
  • Animation: Lindsay Cox
  • Animation: Pierce Davison
  • Animation: Jonathan Daw
  • Animation: Dick Jarman
  • Animation: Anthony Lawrence
  • Animation: John Lewis
  • Animation: Jason Lynch
  • Animation: Al Oldfield
  • Animation: Craig Ross
  • Thanks: Hugo Grumbar
  • Thanks: Andrew Fitzpatrick
  • Camera Operator: Jon Billington
  • Thanks: Richard Girvan
  • Thanks: Cris Jones
  • Thanks: Tom Hollis
  • Sound Editor: Keith Thomas
  • Camera Operator: Benjamin P. Speth
  • First Assistant Director: Sue Collins
  • Thanks: Gabrielle Parker
  • Thanks: Dan Doherty
  • Art Direction: Craig Fison
  • Thanks: Pete Whyte
  • Legal Services: Shaun Miller
  • Title Designer: Melanie Etchell
  • Scoring Mixer: Christian Scallan
  • Music Supervisor: Leanne Smith
  • Thanks: Michael Redfern
  • Thanks: Simon Wilmot
  • Associate Producer: Pauline Piechota
  • Associate Producer: Joni Rubin
  • Line Producer: Tom Wild
  • Set Decoration: Claire Tennant
  • Assistant Director: Jemima Daly
  • Camera Operator: Robin Plunkett
  • Digital Intermediate: Rachel Knowles
  • First Assistant Editor: Glen Whelan
  • Music Editor: Louise Woodward
  • Musician: Alison Booth
  • Musician: Conrad Nilsson
  • Musician: Danielle Arcaro
  • Musician: Davin Holt
  • Musician: Duncan Allen
  • Musician: Jason Bunn
  • Musician: Jodie Upton
  • Musician: Lisa-Maree Amos
  • Musician: Paul McMillan
  • Musician: Rohan De Korte
  • Musician: Sarah Cuming
  • Musician: Tim Hook
  • Thanks: Monika Gehrt
  • Sound Engineer: Marcus Ingram
  • Sound Engineer: Robin Gray
  • VFX Artist: Curt Sundberg
  • VFX Artist: Giselle Hunter
  • VFX Artist: Leath Mattner
  • VFX Artist: Reece Sanders
  • Musician: Alyssa Conrau
  • Musician: Anna McAlister
  • Musician: Cathy Shugg
  • Musician: Ceridwen Jones
  • Musician: David McSkimming
  • Musician: Grania Burke
  • Musician: Hugh Ponnuthurai
  • Musician: Matthew Hassall
  • Musician: Philip Nixon
  • Musician: Prudence Glenn
  • Musician: Rachael Hunt
  • Musician: Susannah Ng
  • Thanks: Graham Bennett
  • Thanks: Lauren Bergman
  • Thanks: Dr. Tony Attwood
  • Thanks: Marcus Baumgart
  • Thanks: Kevin Blair
  • Thanks: Sophie Coombes
  • Thanks: Mark Duke
  • Thanks: Joshua Elliot
  • Thanks: Luke Elliot
  • Thanks: Sarah Fargo
  • Thanks: Sarah Fforde
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  • Thanks: Emily Westmore
  • Thanks: Rob Wicksteed
  • Thanks: Madeleine Wild
  • Thanks: Kim L. Wilson

Movie Reviews:

  • Asa_movies: Mary and Max- Am I sad or happy? Am I philosopher?

    It’s hard to understand weird people. Oh, actually, I’m weird. It’s hard to understand normal people. I’ve been depressed for a great deal of time. Not depressed like: ”oh, I’m not feeling okay now. But everything is okay”. It’s something like: “I’m feeling very bad, and sad; probably I’m considered as I am freak. But I consider others as being freaks. I’m not depressed because of weirdness – it’s because of life, as it is”. Uncertainly, I’m both Mary and Max.

    The first – my state of mind.
    Unbearable pressure in head, which I almost can’t put literally vertical on my head. It’s pretty hard, considering it’s mass. I feel like an invisible ghost pushes my head and makes my eyes falling down. Teeth and jaw are stiff. I’m going to sleep. It’s the most comfortable way to make reality become unreal and relaxing. I’m crying when the story of the sense of life is being said. I’m smiling when there are people around me. It’s a spontaneous reaction. Probably because I’m Max in my mind, Mary in my soul.

    People probably wrongly understand depression; or more precisely – they have no idea how actually it functions for real, in mind of attached person. They think they are mad, or they’re pretending something wrong is happening- “depression is nothing serious”.

    I’m Mary:
    I’m ready to finish my living, to kill myself, to die in the full coldness of the life. There is no good person in the world, there is no sense of
    life, there is no hapinnes in the world, there is nothing funny to do. But I won’t do this. Medicines are really useful. They’re changing our brain. I want to be in a closed room, I don’t want to eat, I hardly ever sleep, but I’m tired. My willing is just to make me being physically smaller, to become a dot in a nowhere and to forget about everything. I have headaches. I almost haven’t eaten anything for a couple a days, I’m sad, unsuccessful, bad in every possible way. There is no meaningless of living. We’ve been born. We’re going to dye. We’re nothing. I’m isolated, obsessed with horrible thoughts, (horrible from my point of view). These thoughts are as normal as they could be. I’m right but
    nobody understands me. Acting happiness and smiling and funny person makes me feeling even worse after a while. The first thing I’m going to do is to push walls around me, to make me feel pain, to be alone and to do nothing – because, there is nothing to do. The only one friend I believed in disappointed me. Nobody cares. The next state is that I would try to be “normal”. I’m buying stupid cosmetics instead of going to travel. I’m talking to people, doing this as they do. Pretending being cool and perfect. Funny. Communicative. Everything went bad because it’s not me. Go ahead!

    Now, I’m Max:
    Einstein said there were only two infinite things: cosmos and one’s stupidity. I agree with him. I am different, I’m maybe even smart, I’m trying to understand the world. Maybe others are, too. Different, and also triers. I like chocolate, I don’t have friends, there is no justice in the world. Anxiety and changing mood are no so simple things. Feeling are unpredictable, emotions are strong. Emotions are strong but undefined. I gave up. My psychiatrist is giving me instructions how to act in real life. “This is good, this is bad, in this situation you have to cry, in this to laugh, in this to imitate some nerd.” I was even using small notebook where I wrote “acting explanations”. I met Mary, but who cares. I’m used to living on my own. There is no friend. I am distanced form everyday life, like there is invisible barrier between me and others. It makes me being special; but obviously not in a good way.

    We’re now good friends. She is the best one for me; but also the only one. Oh, there are more freaks here. Haha. Impossible. She understands my needs, my mind, my reactions, my way of viewing stuff.

    The second – don’t worry. Robots are walking down the streets. Everyone is the same as the others. They define themselves as normal guys. Just define, don’t worry. You can define them as you want The left person is copy of the right one. Everyone is the same. Everyone
    has striped hair, blue narrow jeans, the equal brains, the equal opinion.
    It’s easier acting like they are acting. Just go down the street, listen to the others, turn off your mind, point of view the world and your charm. Just be like others. Be stupid. Be robot. I’m starting to believe Einstein. This is not myth he’s very smart. But also you need to be good. Brave, beautiful, funny, intelligent, popular,…(just kidding) 😉

    Be who you are, and help humanity. And believe there are also people worth respecting, because they are not robots. You just have to find them. Also they’ll find you. They exist. Look bright, go straight. We’re here and we can’t run out of it. Imagine our life is one adventure we are lucky to have chance to play in. You’re not a weirdo. Just go on, enjoy the adventure, be yourself, even when you have to be pathetic as I am now. 🙂 After that, sense of life will come to you; you don’t have to search so much! Just relax 😉

    Let the game begin!

    Written by Mary and Max,
    December 2016,
    for goodness of the world

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