The Flu

A case of the flu quickly morphs into a pandemic. As the death toll mounts and the living panic, the government plans extreme measures to contain it.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Kang Ji-Koo: Jang Hyuk
  • Kim In-Hae: Soo Ae
  • Kim Mi-Reu: Park Min-ha
  • Bae Kyung-Ub: Yoo Hae-jin
  • Jeon Kook-Hwan: Ma Dong-seok
  • Byung-Ki: Lee Hee-jun
  • Byoung-Woo: Lee Sang-yeob
  • South Korean President: Cha In-pyo
  • Prime Minister: Kim Ki-hyeon
  • Teacher Jung: Park Hyo-joo
  • Chul-Gyo: Park Jeong-min
  • Choi Dong-Chi: Choi Byung-mo
  • Doctor Yang: Kim Moon-Soo
  • cop at scene of accident: Lee Seung-joon
  • soldier: Jang Kyoung-up
  • Center for Disease Control Director: Na Ki-soo
  • infection judge: Nam Moon-chul
  • pharmacist: Seon Uk-hyeon
  • emergency room intern: Seol Chang-hee
  • Teacher: So Hee-jung
  • Dr. Beckman: Andrew William Brand

Film Crew:

  • Director: Kim Sung-soo
  • Director of Photography: Lee Mo-gae
  • Editor: Nam Na-young
  • Senior Visual Effects Supervisor: Lee Jeon-hyeong
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Jung Do-ahn
  • Screenplay: Lee Young-jong
  • Co-Producer: Steven Nam
  • Executive Producer: Jeong Tae-sung
  • Costume Design: Kim Kyeong-mi
  • Original Music Composer: Kim Tae-seong
  • Producer: Teddy Jung
  • Producer: Kim Sung-jin
  • Story: Jung Jae-ho
  • Production Design: Park Elhen
  • Sound Supervisor: Choi Tae-young
  • Adaptation: Park Hui-gwon
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: Kwak Tae-yong
  • Sound Designer: Gang Hye-yeong
  • Camera Operator: Kim Sung-an
  • Art Direction: Lee Jae-sung
  • Makeup & Hair: Lee Gyeong-ja
  • Lighting Director: Lee Seong-Hwan
  • Production Sound Mixer: Lee Ik-su
  • Thanks: Lee Jae-myung
  • Line Producer: Lee Won-haeng
  • Sound Editor: Park Jin-hye
  • Art Direction: Jeong Eun-yeong
  • Props: Park Jun-yong
  • Set Dresser: Kim Jung-gon

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