Film Review: “Brazen” (2022)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Nora Roberts is a solid novelist whose several written pieces have made it to the smaller screen. Her novels, of course, are female-oriented, offers romance, a predictable premise of mystery and a cocktail of everything else – in short, whatever works to attract more readers or film producers. One way or another, Roberts’ books never fail in terms of entertainment but is never good enough for films. Even keeping that in mind does not stop the audience from hating and liking it at the same time.

Directed by Monika Mitchell for Netflix and starring Alyssa Milano, “Brazen” follows the famous writer of detective stories, Grace Miller (Alyssa Milano), who has a strong intuition towards the motives of crime and finds herself at the center of her sister’s murder investigation. As she teams up with celebrity detective Ed Jennings, the woman goes beyond imaginable possibilities to uncover the truth, solve the crime and provide closure to her sister’s untimely death.

Even though it’s meant to be a mystery whose solution is to be provided only towards the end, you pretty much solve the crime even before Grace does. With the obvious suspect who will reveal himself/herself in the end, be prepared to shout at your screen saying, “See, didn’t I tell you?” Yes, as you can imagine, the narration is awfully weak and the plot has enough holes to dig itself in. The film suffers from start to end, trying to climb up as a survivor. However, all that won’t stop you from enjoying it and sitting through it till the end because it’s Nora Roberts’ novel; it can’t be that bad after all.

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