Fantastic Planet

On the planet Ygam, the Draags, extremely technologically and spiritually advanced blue humanoids, consider the tiny Oms, human beings descendants of Terra’s inhabitants, as ignorant animals. Those who live in slavery are treated as simple pets and used to entertain Draag children; those who live hidden in the hostile wilderness of the planet are periodically hunted and ruthlessly slaughtered as if they were vermin.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Master Taj (voice): Gérard Hernandez
  • Adult Terr / Narrator (voice): Jean Valmont
  • Tiwa (voice): Jennifer Drake
  • Om (voice): Yves Barsacq
  • Terr’s Bride (voice): Jeanine Forney
  • Young Terr (voice): Éric Baugin
  • Master Sinh (voice): Jean Topart
  • Teenager Terr (voice): William Coryn
  • Additional Voices (voice): Sylvie Lenoir
  • Additional Voices (voice): Philippe Ogouz
  • Additional Voices (voice): Irina Tarassov
  • Additional Voices (voice): Yvette Robin
  • Additional Voices (voice): Michèle Chahan
  • Additional Voices (voice): Madeleine Clervanne
  • Additional Voices (voice): Poupy de Monneron
  • Additional Voices (voice): Max Amyl
  • Additional Voices (voice): Denis Boileau
  • Additional Voices (voice): Hubert de Lapparent
  • Additional Voices (voice): Christian de Tillière
  • Additional Voices (voice): Christian Echelard
  • Additional Voices (voice): Claude Joseph
  • Additional Voices (voice): Pascal Kominakis
  • Additional Voices (voice): André Lambert
  • Additional Voices (voice): Mark Lesser
  • Additional Voices (voice): Serge Netter
  • Additional Voices (voice): André Rouyer
  • Additional Voices (voice): Jacques Ruisseau
  • Additional Voices (voice): Julien Thomast
  • Additional Voices (voice): Gilbert Vilhon
  • Additional Voices (voice): Paul Villé

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Anatole Dauman
  • Sound Mixer: Paul Bertault
  • Original Music Composer: Alain Goraguer
  • Dialogue: Roland Topor
  • Dialogue: René Laloux
  • Novel: Stefan Wul
  • Sound: Robert Pouret
  • Post Production Supervisor: Hélène Arnal
  • Presenter: André Valio-Cavaglione
  • Post Production Supervisor: Marta Látalová
  • Graphic Designer: Josef Kábrt
  • Production Director: Václav Strnad
  • Animation Manager: Zdena Bártová
  • Animation: Zuzana Jupová
  • Animation Manager: Zdeněk Šob
  • Animation Manager: Karel Štrebl
  • Presenter: Simon Damiani
  • Director of Photography: Boris Baromykin
  • Director of Photography: Lubomír Rejthar
  • Sound Effects Editor: Jean Guérin
  • Animation: Jindřiška Beberová
  • Animation Manager: Jindřich Bárta
  • Animation: Lidia Cardet
  • Animation: Renáta Celbová
  • Animation: Dana Drábová
  • Animation: Naděžda Dvořáková
  • Animation: Helena Horálková
  • Animation: Viktorie Kolaříková
  • Animation: Eva Kretzerová
  • Animation: Helena Najdrovská
  • Animation: Kateřina Nováková
  • Animation: Alena Pokorná
  • Animation: Jarmila Rabanová
  • Animation: Helena Rohrauerová
  • Animation: Marcela Schneiderová
  • Animation Manager: Bohumil Šejda
  • Animation: Marie Tomášková
  • Animation: Eva Udržalová
  • Animation Manager: Jiří Vokoun
  • Animation: Alena Wellnerová
  • Sound Engineer: René Renault
  • Background Designer: Josef Váňa
  • Sound Engineer: Jean Carrère
  • Music Editor: Claude Pascal

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