Frances Ha

An aspiring dancer moves to New York City and becomes caught up in a whirlwind of flighty fair-weather friends, diminishing fortunes and career setbacks.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Frances Halladay: Greta Gerwig
  • Sophie Levee: Mickey Sumner
  • Dan: Michael Esper
  • Lev Shapiro: Adam Driver
  • Benji: Michael Zegen
  • Colleen: Charlotte d’Amboise
  • Rachel: Grace Gummer
  • Reade “Patch” Krause: Patrick Heusinger
  • Andy: Josh Hamilton
  • Caroline: Maya Kazan
  • Nessa: Justine Lupe
  • Nadia: Britta Phillips
  • Janelle: Juliet Rylance
  • Spencer: Dean Wareham
  • “Ask Me” Girl: Hannah Dunne
  • Waitress: Daiva Deupree
  • Random Girl #1: Isabelle McNally
  • Random Girl #2: Vanessa Ray
  • Dark Haired Girl: Lindsay Burdge
  • Waitress at Club: Marina Squerciati
  • Mom: Christine Gerwig
  • Dad: Gordon Gerwig
  • Christmas Guest: David Salem
  • Christmas Guest: Isaac Salem
  • Christmas Guest: Anna Salem
  • Christmas Guest: Laurie Aloisio-Salem
  • Christmas Guest: Daniel Roose
  • Christmas Guest: Courtney Coffin-Jensen
  • Christmas Guest: Kristine Jensen
  • Reverend: Doug Craft
  • Dentist: Timothy Mickiewicz
  • Home Friend: Tre Borden
  • Home Friend: Connor Mickiewicz
  • Home Friend: Laura Parker
  • Abby: Serena Longley
  • Dance Teacher: Barbara Ross English
  • Chef: Peter Scanavino
  • Crying Girl: Ryann Shane
  • Computer Guy: Danish Hyder
  • Security Guard: Teddy Cañez
  • Catering Boss: Gibson Frazier
  • Congresswoman: Cindy Katz
  • Young Man: Cohlie Brocato
  • Co-Worker: Finnerty Steeves
  • Theater Manager: Michelle Hurst
  • Dance Duo: Molly Lieber
  • Dance Duo: Eleanor Smith
  • Lighting Technician: Alex Moore

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Scott Rudin
  • Writer: Noah Baumbach
  • Casting: Douglas Aibel
  • Unit Production Manager: Lila Yacoub
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Hsu
  • Writer: Greta Gerwig
  • Co-Producer: Eli Bush
  • Director of Photography: Sam Levy
  • Editor: Jennifer Lame
  • Music Supervisor: George Drakoulias
  • Producer: Rodrigo Teixeira
  • Production Supervisor: Tyson Bidner
  • Executive Producer: Lourenço Sant’Anna
  • Title Designer: Sam Lisenco
  • Dialogue Editor: Branka Mrkic
  • Casting Associate: Henry Russell Bergstein
  • Co-Producer: Oscar Boyson
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Luciano Vignola
  • Script Supervisor: Sasha Vitelli
  • Assistant Editor: Matthew C. Hart
  • Executive Producer: Fernando Loureiro
  • Location Manager: Martin Scali
  • Location Manager: Jonathan Urband
  • Production Coordinator: Anna Adams Stark
  • First Assistant Camera: David Feeney-Mosier
  • Second Assistant Camera: Gregorio Franchetti
  • Set Dresser: Hannah Rothfield
  • Assistant Art Director: David Brant

Movie Reviews:

  • MaxTyrone: I sometimes equate this movie to waking up from a satisfactory sleep with the perfect amount of alcohol in the good ol’ intestines, slowly coming to the realization that you have shit to do, responsibilities to attend, new lies to create, new truths to discover. We find Frances in a similar state at the beginning of the film, though she has yet realized the consequences of her actions.

    When her best friend, Sophie, decides to move out and pursue other goals, Frances initially ruminates in their apartment alone. Having broken-up with a boyfriend over her refusal to live with him, Frances bounces between living arrangements. For most of this film, all of Frances’ decisions seem terminal, as she can never settle in one place – whether it be at Benji and Miles’ bachelor pad, France, her parents’ house in California, or a dorm at her old university; this coupled with her unfulfilling job as an extra dancer in her company. She soon abandons everything in the interim of Sophie’s engagement and move to Japan.

    For a comedy, the movie has a sadness to it that is inescapable, sadness due to the fact that throughout much of the movie, Frances is alone. The friends she makes come and go, not because she lacks the ability to keep them, but because of the turnstile nature of life. The paths she takes lack a certain introspection and responsibility. Benji’s date even points out the superficial economic implications of using a credit card to travel to Paris for the weekend, whereas Frances is more concerned with reading Proust. She ultimately has to face the question of identity in a nomadic lifestyle, and decide between instability and control. It is this viewer’s opinion that _Frances Ha_ reaches a conclusion located somewhere in the middle – in that gray area on a drunken night where the room spins around the bed, and the only reprieve is a foot placed on the floor.

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