Life of Pi

The story of an Indian boy named Pi, a zookeeper’s son who finds himself in the company of a hyena, zebra, orangutan, and a Bengal tiger after a shipwreck sets them adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Pi Patel: Suraj Sharma
  • Adult Pi Patel: Irrfan Khan
  • Pi Patel (11-12 Years): Ayush Tandon
  • Pi Patel (5 Years): Gautam Belur
  • Santosh Patel: Adil Hussain
  • Gita Patel: Tabu
  • Ravi Patel (7 Years): Ayaan Khan
  • Ravi Patel (13-14 Years): Mohd Abbas Khaleeli
  • Ravi Patel (18-19 Years): Vibish Sivakumar
  • Writer: Rafe Spall
  • Cook: Gérard Depardieu
  • Older Insurance Investigator: James Saito
  • Younger Insurance Investigator: Jun Naito
  • Priest: Andrea Di Stefano
  • Anandi: Shravanthi Sainath
  • Mamaji: Elie Alouf
  • Science Teacher: T.M. Karthik
  • Indian History Teacher: Amarendran Ramanan
  • Librarian: Hari Mina Bala
  • Buddhist Sailor: Wang Bo-chieh
  • Tsimtsum Captain: Ko I-Chen
  • Sailor: Jag Huang
  • Selvam: Ravi Natesan
  • Bully: Adyant Balaji
  • Bully: Chirag Agarwal
  • Bully: Ahan André Kamath
  • Bully: Om Kamath
  • Bully: Srilekh Katta
  • Anandi’s Friend #1: Swati Van Rijswijk
  • Anandi’s Friend #2: M. Keerthana
  • Dancer: Indumohan Poornima
  • Dancer: Josephine Nithya B.
  • Dancer: Samyuktha S.
  • Dancer: A. Deiva Sundari
  • Dancer: G. Vasantakumary
  • Dancer: A. Vithya
  • Pi’s Wife: Mythili Prakash
  • Pi’s Son: Raj Patel
  • Pi’s Daughter: Hadiqa Hamid
  • Muslim Worshipper: Iswar Srikumar
  • Dance Master: Padmini Ramachandran

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Avy Kaufman
  • Set Decoration: Anna Pinnock
  • Producer: Ang Lee
  • Editor: Tim Squyres
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Eugene Gearty
  • Production Design: David Gropman
  • Music: Mychael Danna
  • Costume Design: Arjun Bhasin
  • Screenplay: David Magee
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Ron Bartlett
  • Executive Producer: Dean Georgaris
  • Producer: Gil Netter
  • Producer: David Womark
  • Camera Operator: Claudio Miranda
  • Orchestrator: Kevin Kaska
  • Production Office Assistant: Adil Hussain
  • Novel: Yann Martel
  • Art Direction: Al Hobbs
  • Production Design: Marcelo Pont Vergés
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Philip Stockton
  • Sound Designer: Drew Kunin
  • Digital Effects Supervisor: Anthony Di Ninno
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Doug Hemphill
  • Animation Supervisor: Erik De Boer
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Guillaume Rocheron
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Bill Westenhofer
  • Animation: Sachin Bangera
  • Animation: Alexander Fernandes
  • Visual Effects: Aravind Jayaraman
  • Animation: Dixie Pizani
  • Animation: Rohit Kolhe
  • Visual Effects: Julie D’Antoni
  • Compositors: Sagar Patil
  • Set Decoration: Terry Lewis
  • Special Effects Coordinator: Donald Elliott
  • Animation Supervisor: Ian Blum
  • Visual Effects Design Consultant: Anup Kulkarni
  • Compositing Lead: Christian Wood
  • Thanks: Frank Chen

Movie Reviews:

  • Andres Gomez: Visually, this movie traps yourself from the beginning to the end.

    The story is really deep and moving and the performances are plainly good.

    A must to be seen.

  • Ibraheem…: Perfectly written, amazingly filmed, and surprisingly ended. Definitely, going in my amnisa list.
  • Per Gunnar Jonsson: My rating: 4 out of 10 stars

    A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger.

    I did not have huge expectations on this movie since it is not exactly my style of movie but nevertheless I have to say that I was disappointed. The movie is certainly quite beautiful to watch, at least part of it. However it is also a movie with a strong theistic agenda. Even though it is, luckily, not really religious/political extremism it is thick and intruding nonetheless. I was expecting Pi to actually learn something during the course of his adventure but he does not. He starts the movie gullible and foolish looking for meaning in life (religion) and the movie ends pretty much in the same way with him claiming that he had faith and therefore he survived. Yet none of the decisions he made was based on faith but simply pragmatical decisions of survival. If anything the movie proved that faith or religion had nothing to do with it.

    As I said the movie was, partly, quite beautiful to watch and this is entirely what rendered it the stars that I gave it. For the rest it was a very boring movie. The only mildly entertaining part was the scenes on the boat with Gérard Depardieu playing the very unpleasant cook. As beautiful to watch as they were many of the scenes were quite unrealistic though and had an artificial look to them even when, I believe, it was not intended. We bought the movie because my youngest daughter loves movies about animals but not even she was overly entertained by this movie.

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