Hot Docs 2022: “The Quiet Epidemic”

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Some of us have already ended up as a victim of doctors’ negligence and lack of diagnosing skills. I don’t have to go far to mention a few that have lost lives because of false diagnoses at the emergency just two hours later and passing away. Therefore, watching documentaries like “The Quiet Epidemic” or learning the story of it does not surprise me at all.

As someone young and gets infected by Lyme disease due to the bite of the Lyme carrying tick, there is only one hope – medical personnel. But when no one could find out what is the cause of the young girl’s unknown medical condition, her father takes the matter into his own hands. Do not expect a Hollywood type of narrative or happy ending, because there is none. But what the film does is expose the behind-the-scene drama between doctors, health insurance providers and even CDC, having the Lyme disease kept in the dark.

It takes the young girl’s case and her father’s determination to bring awareness about the virus and world stage recognition despite being around for decades. The young girl went for a month undiagnosed and missed an opportunity to be cured completely, but must continue her fight against the big corporations that do not want to recognize the obvious. Deeply moving and emotionally hard to process, the story points out once again to the big people, their inability to act, respond to the disease and do something about it. They switch their mind to the unknown and continue existing in their own realm where people with Lyme disease must wait for a decision that most likely won’t happen in the patient’s lifetime.

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