Vampire Count Orlok is interested in a new residence and in his real estate agent’s young wife. F. W. Murnau’s unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Count Orlok: Max Schreck
  • Hutter: Gustav von Wangenheim
  • Ellen, Hutter’s Wife: Greta Schröder
  • Harding, a Ship-Owner: Georg H. Schnell
  • Ruth, Harding’s Sister: Ruth Landshoff
  • Professor Sievers, the Town Doctor: Gustav Botz
  • Knock, a Real Estate Agent: Alexander Granach
  • Professor Bulwer, a Paracelsian: John Gottowt
  • Captain: Max Nemetz
  • 1st Sailor: Wolfgang Heinz
  • 2nd Sailor: Albert Venohr
  • Sailor (uncredited): Eric van Viele
  • Sailor / Inspector at the Quay (uncredited): Karl Etlinger
  • Host (uncredited): Guido Herzfeld
  • A Magistrate (uncredited): Hans Lanser-Rudolf
  • Child at Window (uncredited): Loni Nest
  • Head Coachman (uncredited): Josef Sareny
  • Hospital Nurse (uncredited): Fanny Schreck
  • Doctor in the Hospital (uncredited): Hardy von Francois
  • Sailor / Warden in the Madhouse (uncredited): Heinrich Witte

Film Crew:

  • Novel: Bram Stoker
  • Director: F.W. Murnau
  • Screenplay: Henrik Galeen
  • Art Direction: Albin Grau
  • Producer: Enrico Dieckmann
  • Camera Operator: Fritz Arno Wagner
  • Director of Photography: Günther Krampf
  • Original Music Composer: Hans Erdmann

Movie Reviews:

  • Gimly: Did I kill one of your people, Murnau? I can’t remember.

    _Final rating:★★★½ – I really liked it. Would strongly recommend you give it your time._

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