Strangers on a Train

A deranged socialite accosts a tennis star with his theory that if two strangers trade murders, they can disguise their motives and avoid suspicion.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Guy Haines: Farley Granger
  • Anne Morton: Ruth Roman
  • Bruno Antony: Robert Walker
  • Sen. Morton: Leo G. Carroll
  • Barbara Morton: Patricia Hitchcock
  • Miriam Joyce Haines: Kasey Rogers
  • Mrs. Antony: Marion Lorne
  • Mr. Antony: Jonathan Hale
  • Police Capt. Turley: Howard St. John
  • Prof. Collins: John Brown
  • Mrs. Cunningham: Norma Varden
  • Det. Leslie Hennessey: Robert Gist
  • Tennis Umpire (uncredited): Brooks Benedict
  • Det. Hammond (uncredited): John Doucette
  • Man Under Merry-Go-Round (uncredited): Harry Hines
  • Man Boarding Train Carrying a Double Bass (uncredited): Alfred Hitchcock

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Director of Photography: Robert Burks
  • Editor: William H. Ziegler
  • Original Music Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin
  • Set Decoration: George James Hopkins
  • Makeup Artist: Gordon Bau
  • Producer: Barbara Keon
  • Novel: Patricia Highsmith
  • Adaptation: Whitfield Cook
  • Screenplay: Raymond Chandler
  • Screenplay: Czenzi Ormonde
  • Art Direction: Ted Haworth
  • Sound Designer: Dolph Thomas
  • Special Effects: Hans F. Koenekamp
  • Wardrobe Designer: Leah Rhodes

Movie Reviews:

  • CharlesTheBold: The “strangers on a train” are Guy, a successful athlete in an unhappy marriage, and Bruno, an amoral playboy. Bruno suggests a perfect crime whereby Guy can get rid of his wife without being suspected, and he convinces himself that Guy has agreed to it.

    Bruno is obviously evil, but what about Guy? Is he is respectable as he claims? Is his wife that bad, or is Guy really a social climber who wants to be rid of his unfashionable spouse in order to acquire a trophy wife? Does he send mix signals to Bruno because he really wants Bruno’s plot to succeed? The notion of hidden, shadowy evil is what gives this thriller its power.

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