The Man With The Cough

A thematic satire on the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and told in a Twilight Zone narrative style, “The Man With The Cough” tells the story of a hypochondriac man who has a series of premonitions of illness and death that cause him to experience great fear for his life.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Charles: Anthony Dain
  • Doctor Gabriel: Jorge Otero
  • Daisy: Katie Boissoneault
  • Wendy: Andrea Wallace
  • Christen: Sofia Castellanos
  • Dead Guy: Nathan Welsh
  • The Yell: Tony Perialis
  • Narrator: Gavin Mueller

Film Crew:

  • Foley Artist: Tony Perialis
  • Foley Artist: Alex George
  • Director of Photography: Zac Max
  • Script Supervisor: Skyler Bates
  • Second Assistant Director: Lily Frey-Burkart
  • Foley Artist: Ray Bukhari
  • Music Score Producer: Imari Hill
  • First Assistant Camera: Sunny Fongphrae
  • Second Assistant Camera: Vanessa Crano
  • Lighting Production Assistant: Connor Mutnansky
  • Production Assistant: Khushali Shah
  • Foley Artist: Anna Spagnola
  • First Assistant Director: Jillian Eddy
  • Foley Artist: Marissa Venter
  • Foley Artist: Cyrus Adkins
  • Producer’s Assistant: Tristan Oliveria
  • Executive Producer: Kevin Dilley
  • Executive Producer: Norma Young
  • Costume Designer: Lainey Bodenburg

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