Kung Fu Hustle

It’s the 1940s, and the notorious Axe Gang terrorizes Shanghai. Small-time criminals Sing and Bone hope to join, but they only manage to make lots of very dangerous enemies. Fortunately for them, kung fu masters and hidden strength can be found in unlikely places. Now they just have to take on the entire Axe Gang.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Sing: Stephen Chow
  • Landlord: Yuen Wah
  • Landlady: Yuen Qiu
  • Sing’s sidekick: Lam Tze-chung
  • The Beast: Bruce Leung Siu-Lung
  • Fong: Eva Huang
  • Brother Sum: Danny Chan Kwok-kwan
  • Donut – Hexagonal Staff: Dung Chi-Wa
  • Tailor: Chiu Chi-Ling
  • Coolie – 12 Kicks of Tam School: Xing Yu
  • Axe Gang Vice General: Lam Suet
  • Axe Gang Advisor: Tenky Tin Kai-Man
  • Harpist Assassin # 1: Jia Kangxi
  • Harpist Assassin # 2: Hark-On Fung
  • Beggar: Charlie Yuen Cheung-Yan
  • Crocodile Gang Boss: Feng Xiaogang
  • Rabbit Tooth Jane (Djenn): Kai Shi Chen
  • Bully: Chi-Sing Lam

Film Crew:

  • Editor: Angie Lam
  • Screenplay: Lola Huo Xin
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Frankie Chung
  • Director of Photography: Poon Hang-Sang
  • Music: Stephen Chow
  • Executive Producer: Bill Borden
  • Producer: Chui Po-Chu
  • Executive Producer: David Hung
  • Producer: Jeffrey Lau
  • Executive Producer: Wang Zhonglei
  • Executive Producer: Zhao Hai-Cheng
  • Music: Raymond Wong Ying-Wah
  • Music: Hang Yi
  • Music: Xian Luo Zong
  • Screenplay: Kan-Cheung Tsang
  • Screenplay: Man Keung Chan
  • Production Coordinator: Petrina Ho

Movie Reviews:

  • John Chard: Quite an experience, and in a great way as well!

    Went into this one totally blind as to its contents, truth is, is that I was mooching round the shops yesterday and came across an Asian triple pack DVD at a bargain price, since one of the films was Jet Li starrer Unleashed, i thought it was worth the cheap price on offer. Got home and the write up on the back of the case didn’t give much away as regards plot for Kung Fu Hustle, an Axe Gang, some guy named Sing wants to be in the gang, and that some creaky old residents in a place called Pig Sty Ally are tougher than they look.

    What I got was what I can only describe as a live cartoon full of class and style, the sort of flip side to the more arty Asian films that have (rightly) become massively popular in the subsequent decadse. Written, directed, produced and starring Stephen Chow (Sing), Kung Fu Hustle is a remarkably breathless piece of work, the plot is threadbare for sure, but it really matters not, because Chow has fused the grand old genre staple punch up with balletic comedy, it’s quite something to behold. It’s as loud as a face off between Motorhead & Iron Maiden, yet it’s just so flipping tender at the same time! Incredible sequences will dazzle you one moment and then have you laughing the next, I’m quite annoyed that I didn’t catch on to this film back in 2004, but even now some years later this film is still a breath of fresh air on the home format release. See it and roll with it, enjoy. 9/10

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