Germany, Year Zero

In the ruins of Berlin, a twelve-year-old boy, Edmund Kohler, is left to his own devices in order to survive and to help his family do the same.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Edmund: Edmund Moeschke
  • Il Padre: Ernst Pittschau
  • Eva: Ingetraud Hinze
  • Karl-Heinz: Franz-Otto Krüger
  • Il maestro: Erich Gühne
  • Frau Rademaker: Heidi Blänkner
  • Jo: Jo Herbst
  • Thilde: Barbara Hintz
  • Il medico: Karl Krüger
  • Amica di Eva: Alexandra Manys
  • Christl: Christl Merker
  • La donna di generale: Gaby Raak
  • Rifugiata: Inge Rocklitz
  • Herr Rademaker: Hans Sangen
  • La figlia di Rademacher: Babsi Schultz-Reckewell
  • Il generale von Laubniz: Franz von Treuberg

Film Crew:

  • Dialogue: Roberto Rossellini
  • Writer: Sergio Amidei
  • Original Music Composer: Renzo Rossellini
  • Editor: Eraldo Da Roma
  • Art Direction: Piero Filippone
  • Director of Photography: Robert Juillard
  • Associate Producer: Salvo D’Angelo
  • Assistant Director: Franz von Treuberg
  • Assistant Director: Max Kolpé
  • Assistant Director: Carlo Lizzani

Movie Reviews:

  • talisencrw: What an awful position the despicable Nazis left their descendants at the close of the Second World War. Rossellini has the perfect, objective, almost documentarian painterly hand in his depiction of this, and I have the feeling that only someone from one of the losing Axis countries, such as he, could so astutely and profoundly bring across such a feeling of loss and guilt that haunted these ‘survivors’. A very sad film to watch, yet at the very same time necessary and healing. Clearly my favourite of his works, next to his magnificent ‘The Flowers of St. Francis’.
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