I Vitelloni

Five young men dream of success as they drift lazily through life in a small Italian village. Fausto, the group’s leader, is a womanizer; Riccardo craves fame; Alberto is a hopeless dreamer; Moraldo fantasizes about life in the city; and Leopoldo is an aspiring playwright. As Fausto chases a string of women, to the horror of his pregnant wife, the other four blunder their way from one uneventful experience to the next.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Moraldo Rubini: Franco Interlenghi
  • Alberto: Alberto Sordi
  • Fausto Moretti: Franco Fabrizi
  • Leopoldo Vannucci: Leopoldo Trieste
  • Riccardo: Riccardo Fellini
  • Sandra Rubini: Leonora Ruffo
  • Francescco Moretti: Jean Brochard
  • Olga: Claude Farell
  • Michele Curti: Carlo Romano
  • Signor Rubini: Enrico Viarisio
  • Signora Rubini: Paola Borboni
  • Giulia Curti: Lída Baarová
  • La sconosciuta del cinema: Arlette Sauvage
  • Gisella: Vira Silenti
  • Sergio Natali: Achille Majeroni
  • Guido: Guido Martufi
  • Giudizio: Silvio Bagolini
  • L’amica di Riccardo: Milvia Chianelli
  • Un ragazzo al carnevale: Enzo Andronico
  • Narratore: Riccardo Cucciolla
  • …: Gustavo De Nardo
  • …: Graziella De Roc
  • Ballerina: Giovanna Galli
  • Ballerina: Franca Gandolfi
  • se stesso: Lilia Landi
  • La madre di Alberto e Olga: Gigetta Morano
  • Un ragazzo al carnevale: Lino Toffolo
  • …: Gondrano Trucchi
  • Soubrette: Maja Nipora

Film Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Nino Rota
  • Story: Federico Fellini
  • Story: Tullio Pinelli
  • Story: Ennio Flaiano
  • Director of Photography: Otello Martelli
  • Camera Operator: Roberto Gerardi
  • Production Design: Mario Chiari
  • Director of Photography: Carlo Carlini
  • Camera Operator: Franco Villa
  • Director of Photography: Luciano Trasatti
  • Producer: Lorenzo Pegoraro
  • Editor: Rolando Benedetti
  • First Assistant Director: Max de Vaucorbeil
  • Conductor: Franco Ferrara
  • First Assistant Director: Moraldo Rossi
  • Production Manager: Luigi Giacosi
  • Costume Design: Margherita Marinari
  • Production Supervisor: Danilo Fallani
  • Makeup Artist: Renato Bomarzi
  • Production Secretary: Ugo Benvenuti
  • Script Supervisor: Narciso Vicario
  • Still Photographer: Ampelio Ciolfi

Movie Reviews:

  • CinemaSerf: I will admit that I still struggle to quite understand the awe Fellini seems to generate amongst fans. His films are beautifully shot but usually involve the most shallow of individuals faffing around in a vacuous world of privilege and emptiness. This one is much the same – “Fausto” (Franco Fabrizi) is a bit of a playboy who is stuck in an unhappy marriage with the sister of his friend “Moraldo” (Franco Interlenghi). He still plays away from home, and she usually forgives him until at last she has had enough and absconds with their child. He and his friend set off to find her… Perhaps he has grown up, and he does really care? I didn’t really know, nor care myself. The characters are womanising, drunken, louts – good looking, I suppose – but their arrogance towards those less fortunate is irritating; their attitudes towards women – an approach I find common in Fellini films – almost prehistoric. It does have some moments of comedy and is a joy to watch from any aesthetic perspective. Good, but not great….
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