New Jersey car mechanic Stacie Andree and her police detective girlfriend Laurel Hester both battle to secure Hester’s pension benefits after she was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Laurel Hester: Julianne Moore
  • Stacie Andree: Elliot Page
  • Steven Goldstein: Steve Carell
  • Dane Wells: Michael Shannon
  • Todd Belkin: Luke Grimes
  • Bryan Kelder: Josh Charles
  • Carol Andree: Mary Birdsong
  • Pat Gerry: Dennis Boutsikaris
  • Reynolds: Skipp Sudduth
  • Margaret: Jeannine Kaspar
  • Bill Johnson: Tom McGowan
  • Dan Wickery: Kevin O’Rourke
  • Jake: Stink Fisher
  • Quesada: Gabriel Luna
  • Toohey: Anthony DeSando
  • Peter Santucci: William Sadler
  • Don Bennett: Adam LeFevre
  • Lynda Hester: Kelly Deadmon
  • Hannah: Traci Hovel
  • Maya Kelder: Mina Sundwall
  • Cat: Julie Reiber
  • Jeeter: Karl Jacob
  • Stacie’s Team Member: Jess Jacobs
  • Christy Miller: Portia Reiners
  • Town Clerk: Suzanne Savoy
  • Harriet: Susan Merson
  • Security Guard: Oliver Solomon
  • Estelle the Realtor: Mary Joy
  • First Thug: Robbie Tann
  • Honor Guard: Matthew Syrett

Film Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Hans Zimmer
  • Production Design: Jane Musky
  • Executive Producer: Robert Salerno
  • Editor: Andrew Mondshein
  • Producer: Michael Shamberg
  • Producer: Stacey Sher
  • Director of Photography: Maryse Alberti
  • Producer: Julie Goldstein
  • Producer: Elliot Page
  • Producer: James D. Stern
  • Screenplay: Ron Nyswaner
  • Executive Producer: Adam Del Deo
  • Director: Peter Sollett
  • Executive Producer: Hilary Davis
  • Original Music Composer: Johnny Marr
  • Producer: Jack Selby
  • Producer: Phil Hunt
  • Producer: Shaun Compton Ross
  • Executive Producer: Tiller Russell
  • Producer: Duncan Montgomery
  • Producer: Cynthia Wade
  • Executive Producer: Scott G. Stone
  • Producer: Kelly Bush Novak
  • Costume Design: Stacey Battat
  • Co-Executive Producer: Julie Parker Benello
  • Executive Producer: Richard Fischoff
  • Set Decoration: Joanne Ling
  • Co-Executive Producer: Kristina Sorensen
  • Executive Producer: Taylor Latham
  • Executive Producer: Stephen Kelliher
  • Associate Producer: Tom Harberd
  • Co-Executive Producer: Elliot Ross
  • Co-Executive Producer: Fenella Ross
  • Executive Producer: Gregory R. Schenz
  • Executive Producer: Ameet Shukla
  • Art Direction: Patrice Andrew Davidson
  • Co-Producer: Kristy Grisham
  • Associate Producer: Lisa G. Hannusch
  • Associate Producer: Robert Patrick Malkassian
  • Associate Producer: Natalia Saenz
  • Associate Producer: Jessica Pressman
  • Associate Producer: William Hernstadt

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: > Not another lesbian romance, but a fight for the equal rights!

    Not long ago I saw ‘Carol’, thankfully it is not another that and better than that. It was based on the documentary short of the same name about a real life same sex couple who fought for the equal rights and the pension benefits, while one of them was treated for cancer. It is a great drama about fighting for justice than the romance as it states, but that part as well very impressive.

    Ellen Page and Julianne Moore, both were awesome, except Moore was a bit old. By seeing them I felt being a lesbian is sweetest than straight, hetero and even gay. The first half was all about the relationship, but very decently narrated romance tale. And in the next half once Steve Carell enters the scene, the film diverted to another side of the story. All the actors were very good, including Michael Shannon.

    Obviously the story was predictable and that is expected often in a biography. Because if they want to alter it, then they should pen a very cleverest script the audience never saw one like that before. I think telling a true story as it is is the point and that’s what this filmmaker did. So don’t complain about the storyline, just consider whether it is inspiring or worth a watch for other reasons.

    For me it was almost a sentimental piece, but the second half story compromised and then I realised what this film was trying to say. Underrated film of the year for sure. Anytime I suggest it, especially for the grown ups and with a neutral mindset, because it is not all about the same sex romance, but the battle for equality in society.


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