A man is on his way home when the poorly constructed tunnel he is driving through collapses, leaving him trapped leaving himself for the unexpected whilst emergency services struggle to help.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Lee Jung-Soo: Ha Jung-woo
  • Se-Hyun: Bae Doo-na
  • Dae-Kyung: Oh Dal-su
  • Captain Kang: Shin Jung-geun
  • Mi-Na: Nam Ji-hyun
  • Chief Choi: Seok-yong Jeong
  • Soo-Jin: Lee Han-seo
  • Minister: Kim Hae-sook
  • Reporter Jo: Yoo Seung-mok
  • Government official (uncredited): Park Hyuk-kwon
  • Young rescuer (uncredited): Cho Hyun-chul
  • Radio DJ (uncredited): Lee Dong-jin
  • Driller captain (uncredited): Lee Cheol-min
  • Drone technician (uncredited): Han Soo-hyun
  • Public hearing moderator (uncredited): Kim Seung-hoon
  • Old mother (uncredited): Ye Soo-jung
  • Construction worker (uncredited): Jin Yong-uk
  • Construction worker (uncredited): Lee Dong-yong
  • employee of Korea Expressway Corporation (uncredited): Ju Seok-tae
  • Driller (uncredited): Ahn Se-ho
  • SNC reporter (uncredited): Seo Hyun-woo
  • YTN reporter (uncredited): Lee Sang-hee
  • Agent (uncredited): Kang Shin-chul
  • Equipment manager (uncredited): Jin Sun-kyu
  • Voice of 119 telephone operator, helicopter agent (uncredited): Yeo Min-Gyu
  • veteran workman (uncredited): Chang-jik Lee
  • Civic group 3 (uncredited): Kim Sung-kyu
  • Government aide (uncredited): Park Jin-woo
  • SNC anchor: Kim Ooh-jin
  • …: Kim Jong-soo

Film Crew:

  • Special Effects Supervisor: Jung Do-ahn
  • Writer: Kim Seong-hun
  • Costume Design: Chae Kyung-hwa
  • Producer: Jang Won-seok
  • Lighting Director: Kim Gyeong-seok
  • Editor: Kim Chang-ju
  • Music: Mok Young-jin
  • Producer: Lee Dong-yoon
  • Executive Producer: You Jeong-hun
  • Director of Photography: Kim Tae-sung
  • Visual Effects: Sudarshan Dhakal
  • Camera Operator: Kim Jung-wook
  • Cinematography: Hong Seung-Hyuk
  • Music Supervisor: Vitek Kral
  • Sound Designer: Gang Hye-yeong
  • Line Producer: Ok Gwang-hee
  • Producer: Lee Taek-Dong
  • Production Design: Lee Hwo-kyoung
  • 3D Artist: Han Hyun-sug
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Kim Nam-sik
  • Producer: Kim A-Ran
  • Art Direction: Heo Seo-hyoung
  • Makeup & Hair: Choi Hye-lim
  • VFX Supervisor: Yoo Young-il
  • Producer: Kim Ji-hoon
  • Fight Choreographer: Yoo Sang-seob
  • Original Story: So Jae-won
  • Executive Producer: Kim Do-su
  • Special Props: Joo Yong-woo
  • Digital Intermediate: Kim Il-kwang
  • Production Sound Mixer: Kim Sang-woon
  • Set Decoration: Jeon Sung-ho
  • Producer: Yoo Jae-hwan

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: **It’s not just about survival…**

    The title says it all. Then I read its synopsis and right away I knew how much should I expect from it. Because this might be a fresh attempt in the Korean film, at least for the first time I’m seeing in a Korean film, but not from the world cinema. Yeah, I have seen plenty, and I’d liked most of them. But this film was much, much better than it had been rated in the internet. The story, the main event starts without wasting any time. There’s no initial developments like intros. When the thriller-adventure parts commences, reveals everything you have to know.

    Just over 2 hours long, the story frequently switches back and forth to where a man got trapped in a collapsed tunnel road and the outside where people and rescue team gathered. Like any other similar themed film, it borrowed a handful of clichés, but still you can witness the effort for the avoidance. Like if you see something or someone’s crucial part come into play, usually you would predict what might happen to it in the later part of the story. Since those are unavoidable, they simply skipped in the final act as it is understandable and not to waste developing them to some extent.

    So a man is fighting for his survival after a disaster strikes. But he got a cell phone signal buried under a deep mountain that I could not get. Anyway, he does make know his state of condition to the outside world. Soon they all rally to get him out. This film is not entirely a serious episode, despite the theme was. A little bit of satire. If that’s how the film was intended or not, at least I had a couple of good laughs. Kind of reminded me ‘Peepli (Live)’, about the media circus in such situation. But that is the truth, what todays media have become, because of competition among themselves.

    > ❝Don’t be weak and say you’ll die, just live.❞

    The trapped man has to make sure about food and water to survive till the rescue team reaches him down which could take a week or more. Yeah, they kind of mention the recent Chile event which was made into the film, ‘The 33’. His portion of the story is like the combination of ‘127 Hours’, ‘Buried’ and of course that Chilean film. There are lots of things happen, you could say twists and turns. Kind of too much at some point, the way they added more contents to it, but decently it all worked out.

    Meanwhile, on the outside world, not lags behind. It has its own set of characters and its circumstance events. Lots of fun and also highlights wrongs. Particularly like I said, the media and how politicians make use of such incident for publicity. And the final one about the construction firms and their shoddy works for profits. They have dug on these topics, but did not go deeper, because to keep it lighter and entertaining film than all about awareness.

    All the way an engaging narrative. Means a long film, but very swiftly told story. Visually, it was a well made film, like everything’s looked natural and believable. You could not differentiate the CGI/green screen work and the real objects of those disaster parts. But not the technical details such as drilling or the hollow space where he stays alive. When the narration progresses, it gets even worse, like you would say how could that even possible or just they wanted it that way to end the tale.

    A small part of the end kind of skips, but that’s good for the film than dragging it for another half an hour. The casting was good, they all performed well, but my favourite was Oh Dal-su. As usual, I loved his part, one of the finest supporting characters in the world cinema. It’s not a great film, but good, and acceptable as what it is. In the end feels like worth it. So I decided to suggest it for those who are interested, but could not decide whether to go for it or not, and for the Korean film fans outside the Korea.


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