Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge is far too greedy to understand that Christmas is a time for kindness and generosity. But with the guidance of some new found friends, Scrooge learns to embrace the spirit of the season. A retelling of the classic Dickens tale with Disney’s classic characters.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Scrooge McDuck (voice): Alan Young
  • Mickey Mouse (voice): Wayne Allwine
  • Donald Duck (voice): Clarence Nash
  • Goofy, Will, Ryan, Pete (voice): Hal Smith
  • Collector for the Poor #2 / Ghost of Christmas Present (Willie the Giant) / Ghost of Christmas Future (Pete) / Santa Claus (Big Bad Wolf) / Weasel #2 (voice): Will Ryan
  • Belle – Daisy Duck (voice): Patricia Parris
  • Tiny Tim (voice): Dick Billingsley
  • Ghost of Christmas Past – Jiminy Cricket (voice): Eddie Carroll

Film Crew:

  • Story: Charles Dickens
  • Screenplay: Alan Young
  • Animation: Matthew O’Callaghan
  • Producer: Burny Mattinson
  • Editor: James Melton
  • Editor: Armetta Jackson-Hamlett
  • Original Music Composer: Irwin Kostal
  • Art Direction: Don Griffith
  • Production Manager: Edward Hansen
  • Screenplay: Alan Dinehart
  • Screenplay: Tony Marino
  • Screenplay: Ed Gombert

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