Slay Ride

It’s Christmas Eve, 1974 and we follow the story of Ronny and Wayne, who’ve had a hatred for each other ever since last Christmas. Ronny, trying to make amends, invites Wayne up to his annual Christmas party, along with a few other mutual friends. During the party, things seem to spiral out of control, with eccentric arguments, hookers, pimps and plots to kill other party guests. But the night truly devolves into all out chaos when a maniac dressed as Santa Claus is set on picking off each party guest one by one.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Wayne / Sammy / Diane / The Santa Killer / Pornstar #2: Collin McLean
  • Ronny / Charles / Hank / Janice / The Santa Killer / Pornstar #1: Dominic Cipullo
  • Gator / Henchman Crew Members: Trey Gourgeot
  • Nolan The Hunter / Henchman Crew Members: Nolan Perkins
  • Marty / Henchman Crew Members: Brayden Silver
  • Henchman Crew Members: Camden MacHardy
  • Henchman Crew Members: Liam Considine
  • Frankie: Colin Kimball
  • Joe: Gavin Wood
  • Pitchfork Sister #1 / Henchman Crew Members: Sophia Moore
  • Pitchfork Sister #2 / Henchman Crew Members: Catherine Belluche
  • Terror Tony: David Araujo
  • Horror Howard: Sam Araujo
  • Henchman Crew Members: Ethan Durant

Film Crew:

  • Writer: Collin McLean
  • Writer: Dominic Cipullo

Movie Reviews:

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