Army of Darkness

Ash is transported back to medieval days, where he is captured by the dreaded Lord Arthur. Aided by the deadly chainsaw that has become his only friend, Ash is sent on a perilous mission to recover the Book of the Dead, a powerful tome that gives its owner the power to summon an army of ghouls.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Ashley ‘Ash’ J. Williams / Evil Ash: Bruce Campbell
  • Sheila: Embeth Davidtz
  • Lord Arthur: Marcus Gilbert
  • Wiseman: Ian Abercrombie
  • Duke Henry the Red: Richard Grove
  • Blacksmith: Timothy Patrick Quill
  • Gold Tooth: Michael Earl Reid
  • Linda: Bridget Fonda
  • Possessed Witch: Patricia Tallman
  • Cowardly Warrior / Second Supportive Villager / S-Mart Clerk: Ted Raimi
  • Mini-Ash #1: Deke Anderson
  • Mini-Ash #2: Bruce Thomas
  • Old Woman: Sara Shearer
  • Pit Deadite #1: Shiva Gordon
  • Pit Bitch: Billy Bryan
  • Winged Deadite: Nadine Grycan
  • Deadite Captain: Bill Moseley
  • Henry’s Man: Micheal Kenney
  • Lieutenant #1: Andy Bale
  • Lieutenant #2: Robert Brent Lappin
  • Tower Guard: Rad Milo
  • Chief Archer: Brad Bradbury
  • Fake Shemp: Sol Abrams
  • Fake Shemp: Lorraine Axeman
  • Fake Shemp: Josh Becker
  • Fake Shemp: Sheri Burke
  • Fake Shemp: Don Campbell
  • Fake Shemp: Charlie Campbell
  • Fake Shemp: Harley Cokeliss
  • Fake Shemp: Ken Jepson
  • Fake Shemp: William Lustig
  • Fake Shemp: David O’Malley
  • Fake Shemp: David Pollison
  • Fake Shemp: Ivan Raimi
  • Fake Shemp: Bernard Rose
  • Fake Shemp: Bill Vincent
  • Fake Shemp: Chris Webster
  • Fake Shemp: Ron Zwang
  • Girl in S-Mart (uncredited): Angela Featherstone
  • Peasant Woman (uncredited): Patricia Anne Isgate-Hayward
  • Sword Fighter (uncredited): Bridget Hoffman
  • Wench (uncredited): Lisa Michelle Axelrod
  • Horseback Warrior (uncredited): J Michael Briggs
  • Deadite (uncredited): Eric Clarke
  • Deadite (uncredited): Courtney Pakiz
  • Knight in Sweatshirt and Sneakers (uncredited): Sam Raimi
  • Mini-Ash #3 (uncredited): Jerry Rector
  • Graveyard Wench (uncredited): Monique Yates Jr.

Film Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Danny Elfman
  • Executive Producer: Dino De Laurentiis
  • Editor: Sam Raimi
  • Editor: Bob Murawski
  • Producer: Bruce Campbell
  • Director of Photography: Bill Pope
  • Screenplay: Ivan Raimi
  • Makeup Artist: Robert Kurtzman
  • Producer: Robert Tapert
  • Original Music Composer: Joseph LoDuca
  • Editor: Sonny Baskin
  • Casting: Ira Belgrade
  • Production Design: Anthony Tremblay
  • Art Direction: Aram Allan
  • Set Decoration: Michele Poulik
  • Costume Design: Ida Gearon
  • Makeup Artist: Gregory Nicotero
  • Makeup Artist: Howard Berger
  • Art Department Manager: Matsune Suzuki

Movie Reviews:

  • John Chard: My name is Ash and I am a slave. Close as I can figure, the year is thirteen hundred A.D and I’m being dragged to my death.

    Army of Darkness is directed by Sam Raimi and Raimi co-writes the screenplay with his brother Ivan. It stars Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, Ian Abercrombie, Richard Grove and Timothy Patrick Quill. Music is by Joseph LoDuca and cinematography by Bill Pope.

    Ash (Campbell) is transported to 1300 A.D., where he must battle an army of the dead and retrieve the Necronomicon so he can return home.

    Unofficially it’s Evil Dead III, but as the fans will atest, this is a very different animal to the two films that preceeded it. Blending high energy jinks in medieval times with comedy horror staples, it’s a riotous idea that mostly works. Of course one has to accept it on its riotous terms, this for sure isn’t a pic for the highbrow crowd. Though it should at least be given the chance to brighten a dark day.

    Campell as Ash is put through the mangler once again, with some nifty physical comedy nestling nicely with that of Ash’s anachronistic verbalities. It’s all breakneck stuff that’s performed with a wonderfully self mocking attitude that’s easy to warm to. It’s a comic book brought to life and it never sags, but some of the cartoon sequence beasties sadly do look a little flat.

    Great fun if prepared for what type of pic it is, it’s not hard to see why it is so beloved in Evil Dead fan circles. 7/10

    Footnote: There are alterante ending versions, of which I have only seen the downbeat time potion one – but being the miserable sod that I am, I love this ending.

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