Film Review: “Dual” (2022)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The concept of cloning people is getting old, but in cinema, it’s getting more time to be explored in a variety of ways. When back in the 90s or earlier, planet Mars was the priority, having people replaced with their humanoid version is the new thing. Therefore, each writer or director tries to dig deep into new technology that might be our nearest future.

Sarah(Karen Gillan)just got diagnosed with a terminal illness. She does not have much time left to leave but doctors fail to provide timelines. Yet, they tell her, “we’re ready for your funeral because it will be sooner than you can imagine.” Thinking about what to do and how, the woman is offered to approach an organization that offers a simple and futuristic cloning procedure called “Replacement.” The idea is to teach the clone to be like Sarah, so she can easily pass for her once the original passes away. All is good except for one unpredictable circumstance – Sarah’s cancer has gone miraculously and the clone must be destroyed, which, the clone herself does not want.

Written and directed by Riley Steams, “Dual” is a much better film about clones than what you will be seeing in “After Yang.” As a matter of fact, the clone In this film is considered a fully functioning human being that must be able to lead a human life without any impediments. A clone that knows what he or she wants and make all the decisions for herself, if one is to judge by the clone of Sarah. There is one particular line that will make you think, “I did not choose to be brought to this life,” one clone says. So why would that clone have to go, if it realizes the delicious taste of human life?

Of course, as is every other film, “Dual” is far from being perfect. But what is good about it is that Riley Steams does not try to turn his film into a grandiose affair, rather focuses on the storyline cleverly, makes a few adjustments and lets the actor do the rest. At times, it is a funny film but with the serious concept of people that are willing to have the replacement of their loved ones so they don’t have to mourn the loss the way they could have. Yes, the process of grief is easy in this film. But trust me, as you get into it, you will realize, God forbid, if any of us were to go through the same thing Sarah did, especially, when she will have to decide whether to live or die through the duel with her clone, the replacement of her won’t go away without a fight.

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