Hotel Transylvania

Welcome to Hotel Transylvania, Dracula’s lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up and no humans are allowed. One special weekend, Dracula has invited all his best friends to celebrate his beloved daughter Mavis’s 118th birthday. For Dracula catering to all of these legendary monsters is no problem but the party really starts when one ordinary guy stumbles into the hotel and changes everything!

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Count Dracula (voice): Adam Sandler
  • Jonathan Loughran (voice): Andy Samberg
  • Mavis Dracula (voice): Selena Gomez
  • Frankenstein (voice): Kevin James
  • Eunice (voice): Fran Drescher
  • Wayne (voice): Steve Buscemi
  • Wanda (voice): Molly Shannon
  • Griffin (voice): David Spade
  • Murray the Mummy (voice): Cee Lo Green
  • Young Mavis / Winnie (voice): Sadie Sandler
  • Quasimodo Wilson (voice): Jon Lovitz
  • Shrunken Head (voice): Luenell
  • Mr. Fly (voice): Chris Parnell
  • Suit of Animated Armor (voice): Brian George
  • Pilot (voice): Brian Stack
  • Martha (voice): Jackie Sandler
  • Skeleton Husband (voice): Rob Riggle
  • Zombie Pulmber / Hydra Head (voice): Paul Brittain
  • Fake Dracula / Marty (voice): Robert Smigel
  • Gremlin Man / Hydra Head (voice): Jonny Solomon
  • Shrunken Head / Hydra Head (voice): Jim Wise
  • Guy / Hydra Head (voice): Craig Kellman
  • Hairy Monster / Hydra Head(voice): Brian McCann
  • Foreman (voice): James C.J. Williams
  • Additional Voices (voice): Ashley Lambert
  • Additional Voices (voice): Rose Abdoo
  • Additional Voices (voice): Kirk Baily
  • Additional Voices (voice): Ranjani Brow
  • Additional Voices (voice): Corey Burton
  • Additional Voices (voice): Cam Clarke
  • Additional Voices (voice): Michael Corbett
  • Additional Voices (voice): Allen Covert
  • Additional Voices (voice): Rachel Crane
  • Additional Voices (voice): Collin Dean
  • Additional Voices (voice): Eddie Frierson
  • Additional Voices (voice): Bridget Hoffman
  • Additional Voices (voice): Rif Hutton
  • Additional Voices (voice): Tom Kenny
  • Additional Voices (voice): Scott Menville
  • Additional Voices (voice): Edie Mirman
  • Additional Voices (voice): Jessica Pennington
  • Additional Voices (voice): Alec Rosenthal
  • Additional Voices (voice): Katie Silverman
  • Additional Voices (voice): John Hans Tester
  • Additional Voices (voice): Sarah Thyre
  • Additional Voices (voice): Chris Titone
  • Additional Voices (voice): David Zyler
  • Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited): Maddie Taylor

Film Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Screenplay: Peter Baynham
  • Casting: Mary Hidalgo
  • Character Designer: Carter Goodrich
  • Executive Producer: Adam Sandler
  • Executive Producer: Allen Covert
  • Songs:
  • Character Designer: Carlos Grangel
  • Producer: Michelle Murdocca
  • Executive Producer: Robert Smigel
  • Director: Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Story: Dan Hageman
  • Story: Kevin Hageman
  • Co-Producer: Lydia Bottegoni
  • Production Manager: Mary Ellen Bauder
  • Story: Todd Durham
  • Animation: Yannick Honore
  • Animation: Daniele Zannone
  • Production Design: Marcelo Vignali
  • Lighting Artist: Arun Ram-Mohan
  • Lighting Artist: Dan Haring
  • Animation: Kevin Webb
  • Layout: Daniel Erickson
  • Art Direction: Noelle Triaureau
  • Songs: Becky G
  • Character Designer: Craig Kellman
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Daniel Kramer
  • Art Direction: Ron Lukas
  • Editor: Catherine Apple

Movie Reviews:

  • Andres Gomez: The idea is clearly an evolution of what Shrek meant.

    Other than that, the script and dialogues are not so brilliant. It was boring for a big deal of the time and there were too many things going on and too fast.

    You can recognize Genndy Tartakovsky’s style in the movie but I’ve liked other of his works much more than this.

  • Gimly: Oh. This was… **super** underwhelming. Like I mean, I was prepared to appreciate it less than the majority of audiences, I often don’t love kids’ media, and I’m not really a fan of Adam Sandler, but I didn’t think that I wouldn’t find any appeal in it **at all**. This is just one I genuinely do not see what people are talking about when they give it a favourable review.

    _Final rating:★½: – Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible._

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