Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Tragedy, betrayal and a mysterious discovery fuel a woman’s vengeance for the loss of her tribe and family.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Ashin: Jun Ji-hyun
  • Min Chi-rok: Park Byung-eun
  • Little Ashin: Kim Si-a
  • Tahab: Kim Roi-ha
  • Aidagan: Koo Kyo-hwan
  • Cho Beom-il: Jung Suk-won
  • Military Officer: Ji Hyun-jun
  • Physician Lee Seung-hui: Kwon Bum-taek
  • Patient: Han Sung-soo
  • Ashin’s brother: Kim Dan-ho

Film Crew:

  • Original Music Composer: Dalpalan
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Jung Do-ahn
  • Director: Kim Seong-hun
  • Screenplay: Kim Eun-hee
  • Director of Photography: Go Rak-sun
  • Costume Design: Shim Hyun-seob
  • Executive Producer: Jang Won-seok
  • Editor: Kim Chang-ju
  • Production Design: Lee Hwo-kyoung
  • Makeup & Hair: Park Sun
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: Hwang Hyo-gyun
  • Sound Supervisor: Kim Byung-in
  • Martial Arts Choreographer: Heo Myeong-haeng
  • Martial Arts Choreographer: Kim Seon-wung
  • Stunts: Kwon Tae-ho
  • Digital Intermediate: Park Jin-yeong
  • Production Sound Mixer: Kim Sang-woon

Movie Reviews:

  • Ashin of the North is a 2021 South Korea production. It lasts for one hour and thirty-two minutes, and, let us say it, it’s a nice piece of cinematography.

    At the end of Season 2 of the series “Kingdom“, the audience discovered a new and mysterious character: Ashin. And, as always happens with a season’s finale, further questions without an answer.

    It’s a story of betrayals, magic, war, zombies and revenge. Ashin is a movie to watch because introduces us to the Kingdom series available on Netflix. Will Ashin completes her revenge? And why she needs it? All the details at

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