Get a Horse!

Mickey, Minnie, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow go on a musical wagon ride until Peg-Leg Pete tries to run them off the road.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Mickey Mouse (voice): Walt Disney
  • Minnie Mouse (voice): Marcellite Garner
  • Minnie Mouse (voice): Russi Taylor
  • Peg-Leg Pete (voice): Billy Bletcher
  • Peg-Leg Pete (voice): Will Ryan
  • Additional Voices (voice): Bob Bergen
  • Additional Voices (voice): Paul Briggs
  • Additional Voices (voice): Terri Douglas
  • Additional Voices (voice): Jess Harnell
  • Additional Voices (voice): Danya Joseph
  • Additional Voices (voice): Mona Marshall
  • Additional Voices (voice): Nicole Mitchell
  • Additional Voices (voice): Raymond S. Persi

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: John Lasseter
  • Producer: Dorothy McKim
  • Music: Mark Watters
  • Story: Lauren MacMullan
  • Storyboard Artist: Nancy Kruse
  • Story: Raymond S. Persi
  • Storyboard Artist: Paul Briggs
  • Animation: Anthony DeRosa

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