Film Review: “Infinite Storm” (2022)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The human body is much stronger than we can imagine. Under immense duress, it can pull strength that otherwise it could never in normal circumstances. Also, we tend to believe that the male body is more fit for heavy-duty, carrying weight, fighting and protecting the weak ones. With this story, I hope you are about to learn the true definition of bravery, courage and determination under such harsh circumstances where most would have given up before fighting back against the unknown.

“Infinite Storm” is an American drama adventure film that follows Pam Bales (Naomi Watts), a search rescue volunteer who goes up to hike to the top of Mount Washington. What’s meant to be a casual walk for her turns into a battle for survival when she finds the light dressed man who does not seem to want to be saved. The more he pushes her back, the young man whose name is ‘John’, because he never mentions his own, Pam must fight against his wish to be left alone and drag him down to safety.

Through the flashback, we are introduced to Pam’s two beautiful daughters. However, with the dark tone set, we fear the worst. However, it’s her two girls that make her pull herself up out of the hole where she falls during the start of a strong snowstorm. Fighting against the odd, harsh weather, and the man that does not help her much, Pam realizes the power of will in her, as she continues her journey to a safer place with someone she does not know the real name of.

Screenplay written by Josh Rollins and directed by Malgorzata Szumowska, co-directed by Michal Englert, this beautiful true story reminds us that Dr Death won’t get close to someone whose time has not yet come. John had many opportunities to die. And if that is what happened upon the Mound of Washington, then it’s truly incredible how he did not succumb to the circumstances before. Naomi Watts is an actress who can pull all the different emotional ranges. She does not have to work hard for that, as it seems dramatic skills lie in her DNA. That’s why we understand Pam and are able to read her mind and sympathize with her actions.

That being said, “Infinite Storm” may not be one of the best survival films but it’s the most decent one made recently. It’s an easy watch without much overload. Providing first-hand experience, it’s from Pam’s perspective we witness the entire event, which is quite fascinating. From start to end, it never bores the audience. It’s inspiring, engaging and an important film to show the power of the human spirit and why it’s unbreakable.

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