A family man convicted of killing an intruder must cope with life afterward in the violent penal system.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Wade Porter: Stephen Dorff
  • John Smith: Val Kilmer
  • Lt. Jackson: Harold Perrineau
  • Laura Porter: Marisol Nichols
  • Snowman: Johnny Lewis
  • Sgt. Roberts: Nick Chinlund
  • Maggie: Anne Archer
  • Viper: Larnell Stovall
  • Gordon: Sam Shepard
  • Michael Porter: Vincent Miller
  • Todd Jackson: Shawn Prince
  • Danny Samson: Chris Browning
  • Officer Diaz: Greg Serano
  • Warden Harris: Jake Walker
  • Officer Collins: Nate Parker
  • Williams: Mike Seal
  • Oso: Louie Pescador
  • Oso’s Lieutenant: Gabriel Merendon
  • Agent Skiletti: Mark Sivertsen
  • Public Defender: Mara Holguin
  • Kelly Collins: Carrie Fleming
  • Swamper Deputy: Roman Mitichyan
  • Investigator Hammond: Adam Taylor
  • Stacy Jackson: Brittany Perrineau
  • LA Judge: Harry Zimmerman
  • SQ Guard: Kevin Wiggins
  • Joe: Brian Keith Gamble
  • IRC Deputy: Rosalia de Aragon
  • Invited Guard: Ivan Brutsche
  • ADSEG Guard: John Trejo
  • Female Guard: Cynthia Ruffin
  • Belligerent Man: Christien Tinsley
  • Deputy District Attorney: Christopher Dempsey
  • Female Judge: Esodie Geiger
  • Gang Investigator: Richard Caruso
  • Bodie: Erik Gomez
  • Corn Rows: Elton Walker
  • White Inmate: Tait Fletcher
  • Hispanic Fighter One: Adrian Ponce
  • Hispanic Fighter Two: Ben James Roybal
  • Loco: Joey Villasenor
  • Gonzales: Antonio Leyba
  • Asian Fighter: John Koyama
  • Large Black Inmate: Jermaine Washington
  • CSI Tech: Shawn Rosales
  • Intruder: Steve Ulibarri
  • Wade Double: Tommy Truez
  • Lead Hispanic: Jesus Jr.
  • Rooker: Mike Smith

Film Crew:

  • Casting: Nancy Nayor
  • Executive Producer: Stephen Dorff
  • Unit Production Manager: David Peters
  • Executive Producer: Vincent Newman
  • Producer: Tucker Tooley
  • Makeup Artist: Christien Tinsley
  • Producer: Dan Keston
  • Editor: Jonathan Chibnall
  • Writer: Ric Roman Waugh
  • Director of Photography: Dana Gonzales
  • Production Design: Vincent Reynaud
  • Makeup Artist: Gretchen Bright
  • Set Decoration: Ursula Coyote
  • Script Supervisor: Gregory Doucette
  • Stunt Coordinator: Mike Smith
  • Original Music Composer: Gerhard Daum
  • Casting: Angela Damron
  • Art Direction: Gustav Alsina
  • Costume Design: Meriwether Nichols
  • Hairstylist: Loretta Jo Blaine-Miller
  • Makeup Department Head: Mike Mekash
  • Wigmaker: Teresa Valenzuela
  • Art Department Coordinator: Deanne May
  • Construction Coordinator: Bruce Wetherbee
  • Costume Supervisor: Blanca Garcia
  • Associate Producer: Richard Caruso
  • Co-Producer: Ryan Breen
  • Co-Producer: Christopher Wilhem
  • Set Decoration: Bil Clement

Movie Reviews:

  • RCH2288: Wade Porter (Stephen Dorff) had it all going for him. A thriving construction business, a beautiful family and a future with endless possibilities for a great life. That all ends in an instant when while defending his home, he chases after a burglar and ends up killing him. Faced with the possibility of serving a 15 year sentence for Involuntary Manslaughter he pleads his case down to 13 months instead. Unfortunately he is woefully unprepared for what prison will be like for him. He gets caught up in unfortunate circumstances with a white prison gang and is then sent to the San Quenton SHU to serve his time. To survive against the other inmates and a sadistic cadre of guards, he finds himself tip toeing the line of prison politics and racism of the gangs and violent fights just to stay alive.

    He is befriended by a hardened 20 year veteran of the prison who is a mass murderer named John Smith (Val Kilmer). Smith helps guide him to keep his sanity in the brutal conditions of prison. All the while Porters fiancee and child are trying to stay afloat while he is in prison as well serving out his sentence.

    Well acted and well directed, Felon is one of the best prison movies ever made. It’s right up there with American Me in terms of quality of film.

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