Tribeca 2022: “Nothing Compares”

©Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Whenever I hear the name Sinead O’Connor, strength, bravery, courage, tragedy, artistry and determination comes to mind. We tend to believe that artists live a lavish life, a life some of us wish for ourselves. But when you get a closer look at what some of them are made of, you realize – it takes a whole different level of open-mindedness and creativity to wear shoes that will never be our size.

Trying to control her mind, her freedom and what she must say or not. Not even the land of free was unable to dictate Sinead O’Connor’s way of thinking or the way she conveys her message to people. She had a strong platform; a powerful one. Platform that could have been used in the best interest of herself or humanity. And she chooses the second one.

It’s a refreshing, enlightening and important documentary that reveals too much information about the Irish Singer Sinead O’Connor who was not afraid of public or well-known misconception. With the singer herself not appearing in front of camera and an archive-led documentary and all other interviewees including, it allows the audience to focus on the story itself, on narrative well-constructed by director Kathryn Ferguson telling it over a span of seven years from 1987 to 1993. Years that are enough for the audience to grasp and understand the singer’s inner mind and the future she set for herself.

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