Remember the Titans

After leading his football team to 15 winning seasons, coach Bill Yoast is demoted and replaced by Herman Boone – tough, opinionated and as different from the beloved Yoast as he could be. The two men learn to overcome their differences and turn a group of hostile young men into champions.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Coach Herman Boone: Denzel Washington
  • Coach Bill Yoast: Will Patton
  • Julius Campbell: Wood Harris
  • Gerry Bertier: Ryan Hurst
  • Petey Jones: Donald Faison
  • Jerry ‘Rev’ Harris: Craig Kirkwood
  • Louie Lastik: Ethan Suplee
  • Ronnie ‘Sunshine’ Bass: Kip Pardue
  • Sheryl Yoast: Hayden Panettiere
  • Carol Boone: Nicole Ari Parker
  • Emma Hoyt: Kate Bosworth
  • Blue Stanton: Earl Poitier
  • Alan Bosley: Ryan Gosling
  • Ray Budds: Burgess Jenkins
  • Frankie Glascoe: Neal Ghant
  • Cook: David Jefferson
  • Jerry Buck: Preston Wigasi Brant
  • Kirk Barker: John Michael Weatherly
  • Coach Paul ‘Doc’ Hines: Gregory Alan Williams
  • Coach Herb Tyrell: Brett Rice
  • A.D. Watson: Richard Fullerton
  • Executive Director: J. Don Ferguson
  • Nicky Boone: Krysten Leigh Jones
  • Charles Campbell: Afemo Omilami
  • Colonel William G. Bass: Andrew Masset
  • Fred Bosley: Tim Ware
  • Captain Hal: Tom Turbiville
  • Coach Ed Henry: Tom Nowicki
  • Coach Taber: Jim Grimshaw
  • Coach Tolbert: David Dwyer
  • Kip Tyler: Bo Keister
  • Ferdinand Day: Lou Walker
  • Mrs. Jean Bertier: Marion Guyot
  • Radio Announcer: Rhubarb Jones
  • Colorman: Bob Neal
  • Doctor: Dan Albright
  • Cop: Mike Pniewski
  • Nurse Allice: Sharon Blackwood
  • White Girl #1: Paula Claire Jones
  • White Girl #2: Kelly Cheston
  • White Kid #1: Walker Jones
  • Black Kid #1: Ronald L. Conner
  • Black Kid #2: Courtney James Stewart
  • Official: E.Y. Coley
  • Official: John Wesley
  • Crooked Official: B. Keith Harmon
  • Quarterback: Andy Francis
  • Marshall Assistant Coach: Stuart Greer
  • Lee Roy ‘Monk’ Davis: Derick Marshall
  • Fred Alderson: Scott Miles
  • Reporter #1: Kevin Dankosky
  • Reporter #2: David Chandley
  • Reporter #3: Scott Slade
  • Reporter #4: Ric Reitz
  • Titan Supporter: Steve Barnes
  • Titan: Rory Griffin
  • Titan: Ryan Kowalske
  • Titan: Thomas Elliott
  • Titan #4: C. Stephen Browder
  • Titan: Jameel Jackson
  • Titan: Randy D. Patman Jr.
  • Titan: Jemal L. Webb
  • Titan: Shawn Cummings
  • Titan: Michael Rouby
  • Titan: Ray Stoney
  • Titan (uncredited): John Paul Rice
  • Emma’s Friend: Shanda Lee Munson
  • Parent: David de Vries
  • Black Newspaper Man: Andrew Collins
  • Heckler: Stephen O’Neil Martin
  • Heckler: Matt Adams
  • Special Teams Coach: Marcus M. Moore
  • Opposition Quarterback: Ryan Duncan
  • Fan (uncredited): Lauren Aparicio
  • Neighbor (uncredited): Nicky Buggs
  • Team Member – Stillwell Titans (uncredited): Tyreese Burnett
  • News Reporter (uncredited): Don Cochran
  • Football Player (uncredited): Darren W. Conrad
  • Mourner (uncredited): Doshia Darmane
  • Titan (uncredited): Alton Glass
  • Ray Budds’ Sister (uncredited): Jyn Hall
  • Spectator (uncredited): Teretha G. Houston
  • Arleen Yoast (uncredited): Lucinda Jenney
  • Blues Mom (uncredited): Tina King
  • Stillwell Titan (uncredited): Ron Marino
  • Grownup Sheryl Yoast (uncredited): Tess Panzer
  • Football Player (uncredited): Robert Peterson
  • Church Member (uncredited): Xavier Rivers
  • Football Player (uncredited): Irone Singleton
  • Reporter / Commentator (uncredited): Jonathan Thompson
  • Team Doctor (uncredited): Shayne Tingle

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
  • Casting: Ronna Kress
  • Executive Producer: Mike Stenson
  • Associate Producer: Pat Sandston
  • Music: Trevor Rabin
  • Editor: Michael Tronick
  • Camera Operator: Philippe Rousselot
  • Set Decoration: Anne Kuljian
  • Costume Design: Judy L. Ruskin
  • Hairstylist: Larry M. Cherry
  • Director: Boaz Yakin
  • Screenplay: Gregory Allen Howard
  • Production Manager: Tom Luse
  • Stunt Coordinator: Gus Williams
  • Costume Design: Doug Hall
  • Makeup Artist: Carl Fullerton
  • Art Direction: Jonathan Short
  • Key Makeup Artist: Lynne K. Eagan
  • Script Supervisor: Gail Hunter
  • Makeup Artist: Sarah Mays
  • Executive In Charge Of Production: KristieAnne Reed
  • Key Hair Stylist: Emanuel Millar
  • Hairstylist: Charles Gregory Ross
  • Still Photographer: Tracy Bennett
  • Production Sound Mixer: Mary H. Ellis
  • Hairstylist: Cynthia L. Chapman
  • Production Design: Deborah Evans
  • Makeup Artist: Rachel Kick
  • Makeup Artist: Stephanie Ponder
  • Hairstylist: Lagena Sheppard
  • Hairstylist: Jill Bennett

Movie Reviews:

  • John Chard: In Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the gods.

    Based on real events in 1971, where T.C. Williams High School, a now hot bed integrated school, becomes a beacon of unification via their mixed race football team.

    As is normally the case with films of this ilk, it quickly comes to pass that certain artistic licence has been taken with the truth. In reality the issues of race, integration and the near powder-keg atmosphere portrayed in the picture, were long past their worst in Virginia 1971. However, that should in no way detract from the thematics and truthful aspects of this Disney production. As is told in the film, the Titans did have what became known as the perfect season, whilst the bond formed between the black and white members most definitely existed. All told, the film soars high as an inspirational piece, not only for the mixed race community coming together plot’s essential being, but in the crucial tale of one Gerry Bertier.

    That this film urged me to seek out the story of Bertier is a testament to the power of film, regardless of any sort of sentimental prodding from the film makers. It’s hoped that this film also prompts newcomers to research further the topics within the story.

    The cast list is impressive, Denzel Washington and Will Patton find instant chemistry as the head coaches thrust together by outside influences, with both guys beautifully doing credit to the real life friendship that would be born from the situation. Ryan Hurst, Wood Harris, Ethan Suplee, Donald Faison, Kip Pardue, Craig Kirkwood and a pre-fame Ryan Gosling fill out the integrated football team. While two important female family roles are nicely portrayed by Hayden Panettiere and Nicole Ari Parker. The soundtrack is nicely put together, with the core offering of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s thumping rendition of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” particularly potent and uplifting.

    Though not primarily offering up anything new in the pantheon of race and sport related movies, Remember The Titans does have so much good going for it. It’s hard to be picky, even churlish about the little faults (are these actors really the age of high schoolers for example?), so hopefully come the end, after the credits roll, you will be suitably inspired and perhaps a touch more better off for having spent time with this particular football team. 8.5/10

  • Wong: Denzel Washington leads the team on a charge until the final whistle in Remember the Titans, a grand and inspirational football film. This Walt Disney classic is a primitive display of adversity and courage. The amount of chemistry from the then-segregated gridiron warriors was remarkable and helped propel this film as a truly great and heartfelt sports movie for every generation to experience. 5/5

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