A stern Russian woman sent to Paris on official business finds herself attracted to a man who represents everything she is supposed to detest.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Nina “Ninotchka” Ivanovna Yakushova: Greta Garbo
  • Count Leon d’Algout: Melvyn Douglas
  • Grand Duchess Swana: Ina Claire
  • Commissar Razinin: Bela Lugosi
  • Comrade Iranoff: Sig Ruman
  • Comrade Buljanoff: Felix Bressart
  • Comrade Kopalski: Alexander Granach
  • Count Alexis Rakonin: Gregory Gaye
  • Hotel Manager: Rolfe Sedan
  • Mercier: Edwin Maxwell
  • Gaston: Richard Carle
  • Porter at Railroad Station (uncredited): George Davis
  • Swana’s Maid Jacqueline (uncredited): Dorothy Adams
  • Gossip (uncredited): Monya Andre
  • Swana’s Restaurant Guest (uncredited): Nino Bellini
  • Swana’s Restaurant Guest (uncredited): Wilda Bennett
  • Gossip (uncredited): Symona Boniface
  • Swana’s Restaurant Patron (uncredited): Frederika Brown
  • Gossip (uncredited): Emilie Cabanne
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Paul Ellis
  • Attendant (uncredited): Fred Farrell
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Frank Fletcher
  • Gossip (uncredited): Bess Flowers
  • Lady Lavenham (uncredited): Mary Forbes
  • Streetcar Conductress – Moscow Roommate (uncredited): Jody Gilbert
  • General Savitsky (uncredited): Lawrence Grant
  • Cigarette Girl (uncredited): Jennifer Gray
  • English Lady Getting Visa (uncredited): Winifred Harris
  • Waiter (uncredited): Ray Hendricks
  • Bartender (uncredited): William Irving
  • Man at Railroad Station (uncredited): Hans Joby
  • Cafe Owner Pere Mathieu (uncredited): Charles Judels
  • Louis the Headwaiter (uncredited): Armand Kaliz
  • Himself – Director in Trailer (uncredited): Ernst Lubitsch
  • First Cigarette Girl (uncredited): Peggy Moran
  • Gossip (uncredited): Sandra Morgan
  • German Woman at Railroad Station (uncredited): Lucille Pinson
  • Waiter (uncredited): Albert Pollet
  • Soviet Lawyer (uncredited): Frank Reicher
  • Man in Restaurant (uncredited): Constantine Romanoff
  • Bearded Eiffel Tower Tourist (uncredited): Alexander Schoenberg
  • Gurganov (uncredited): Harry Semels
  • Moscow Roommate Anna (uncredited): Tamara Shayne
  • Swana’s Phone Friend Marianne (uncredited): Florence Shirley
  • Swana’s Restaurant Guest (uncredited): George Sorel
  • Soviet Lawyer (uncredited): Edwin Stanley
  • Cigarette Girl (uncredited): Kay Stewart
  • Russian Visa Official (uncredited): George Tobias
  • Hotel Desk Clerk (uncredited): Jacques Vanaire
  • Gossip (uncredited): Ellinor Vanderveer
  • Vladimir, with Letter from Leon (uncredited): Paul Weigel
  • Indignant Woman (uncredited): Elizabeth Williams
  • Manager (uncredited): Marek Windheim
  • Taxi Driver (uncredited): Wolfgang Zilzer

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Ernst Lubitsch
  • Novel: Melchior Lengyel
  • Original Music Composer: Werner R. Heymann
  • Screenplay: Billy Wilder
  • Director of Photography: William H. Daniels
  • Screenplay: Charles Brackett
  • Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons
  • Set Decoration: Edwin B. Willis
  • Costume Design: Adrian
  • Screenplay: Walter Reisch
  • Editor: Gene Ruggiero
  • Producer: Sidney Franklin
  • Camera Operator: A. Lindsley Lane
  • Still Photographer: Milton Brown

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