Groundhog Day

A narcissistic TV weatherman, along with his attractive-but-distant producer, and his mawkish cameraman, is sent to report on Groundhog Day in the small town of Punxsutawney, where he finds himself repeating the same day over and over.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Phil Connors: Bill Murray
  • Rita Hanson: Andie MacDowell
  • Larry: Chris Elliott
  • Ned Ryerson: Stephen Tobolowsky
  • Buster Green: Brian Doyle-Murray
  • Mrs. Lancaster: Angela Paton
  • Gus: Rick Ducommun
  • Ralph: Rick Overton
  • Doris: Robin Duke
  • Kenny: Willie Garson
  • Man in Hallway: Ken Hudson Campbell
  • Fred: Michael Shannon
  • Neurologist: Harold Ramis
  • Nancy Taylor: Marita Geraghty
  • Old Man: Les Podewell
  • State Trooper: Tom Milanovich
  • Piano Teacher: Peggy Roeder
  • Psychiatrist: David Pasquesi
  • Cop: Lee Sellars
  • Bank Guard Herman: C.O. Erickson
  • Phil’s Movie Date: Sandy Maschmeyer
  • Debbie: Hynden Walch
  • Flat Tire Lady: Barbara Ann Grimes
  • Flat Tire Lady: Lucina Paquet
  • Buster’s Wife: Brenda Pickleman
  • Buster’s Son: Eric Saiet
  • D.J. (voice): Rob Riley
  • Reporter (uncredited): Tony DeGuide
  • State Trooper (voice) (uncredited): Reni Santoni

Film Crew:

  • Assistant Art Director: James J. Murakami
  • Producer: Harold Ramis
  • Producer: Trevor Albert
  • Story: Danny Rubin
  • Director of Photography: John Bailey
  • Original Music Composer: George Fenton
  • Casting: Howard Feuer
  • Editor: Pembroke J. Herring
  • Art Direction: Peter Landsdown Smith
  • Executive Producer: C.O. Erickson
  • Makeup Artist: Dorothy J. Pearl
  • Supervising Sound Editor: George H. Anderson
  • Assistant Editor: Tony Ciccone
  • Music Supervisor: Sharon Boyle
  • Assistant Director: Michael Haley
  • Set Decoration: Lisa Fischer
  • Prosthetic Supervisor: Art Anthony
  • Casting Assistant: Nicole Arbusto
  • Assistant Director: Sam Hoffman
  • Stunts: Steve Boyum
  • Still Photographer: Louis Goldman
  • Special Effects: Tom Ryba
  • Sound Editor: Cindy Marty
  • Sound Editor: Mary Andrews
  • Orchestrator: Jeff Atmajian
  • Makeup Artist: James Lacey
  • Makeup Artist: Deborah K. Dee
  • Stunt Coordinator: Rick Le Fevour
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Sergio Reyes
  • Script Supervisor: Judi Townsend
  • Local Casting: Jane Brody
  • Costume Supervisor: Michael Butler
  • Hairstylist: Gunnar Swanson
  • Production Design: David Nichols
  • Set Costumer: Patrick Caulfield
  • Key Hair Stylist: Emanuel Millar
  • Costume Design: Jennifer Butler
  • Set Costumer: Julie Glick
  • Assistant Director: Alan Hopkins
  • Special Effects: Rick Lazzarini
  • Transportation Captain: George DiLeonardi
  • Associate Producer: Whitney White

Movie Reviews:

  • Andres Gomez: Funny story done to fit on Bill Murray’s shoes.

    It is good enough and with a moral for the family but I don’t get it what this is such a famous movie.

  • markuspm: I can watch this movie again and again and again. Just trying to imagine what I would do in such a situation. And who doesn’t like groundhogs?
  • tmdb39513728: **The Future is Not a Given**

    _Groundhog Day_ sets out to accomplish the inconceivable, where few comedies, or movies of any kind, or art forms of any device dare to tread. It is determined to ultimately answer: How does one find true happiness. The kind of baby that might have been hatched by crossing Woody Allen and Dali Lama. What’s truly amazing is that it pretty well achieves this without being pretentious or portentous. Its humble, pedestrian style coincides with it’s charitable message. Furthermore, it’s a riot!

    What do you do when the snowstorm of life traps you into a place you don’t want to be? Self-destructive anarchy is an option: drinking, stealing, screwing, lying, joyriding and suicide. But this is a big storm so long-term solutions are required. The good news if you’re lonely and unhappy? You probably have more time to dedicate to self- improvement (music lessons, ice sculpturing).

    But challenging the self must have worthwhile outcomes. Phil, believing he’s magical, challenges himself to get Rita to sleep with him within 24 hours. He’s being dishonest, still playing games and ends up getting slapped in the face repeatedly. It appears that Phil’s obstinate pattern of narcissistic behaviour is the cause of this inert existential loop, and one that traps everyone he is in contact with. When he finally realizes that while money, sex and immediate self-gratification might have their perks, they are short-lived and vastly overrated, and a major personality overhaul will be required to escape this Kafkaesque nightmare. An endless, insanely frigid winter is bound to contain him (them (us)) unless new strategies are introduced, alternative energies adopted, the shift away from a self-serving paradigm sustained.

    To his credit, Phil refuses to be cornered into the status quo and become one in a million zombies chanting “it is what it is”. Phil actually starts to recover when he gives up trying. When he dismisses the quick fixes (sex, booze, anger, lying and fighting), when he relinquishes his ego and lets go of his smarmy King Joffrey-Justin Bieber juvenility, when he learns to be himself, like himself, settle into his own skin so he can thrive in and, in turn, improve his surroundings. In a reversal of _It’s a Wonderful Life_, rather than Bedford Falls being worse off from George’s absence, Punxsutawney is better off with Phil’s presence. Routine days require routine acts of kindness and Phil and the entire town collectively benefit from it. Phil is a born-again humanist, one who rescues himself from himself, escaping a solipsistic rotation of mutually-destructive behaviour simply by being a good Samaritan. The forecast: many rewarding days of sunshine.

    I always had a bit of a problem with the ending. That the cycle of unhappiness only ends when the guy gets the girl. But now I see that getting the girl was coincidental (and symbolic). Before he gets the girl he has to get himself. That’s how you put a reverse spin on a downward spiral. The girl is now able to love the boy because he is love-worthy. The boy could be anyone. A politician. A corporation. You.

  • Kamurai: Fantastic watch, will watch again, and do recommend.

    Bill Murray carries this time-shift-loop adventure in hilarious form. The writing is excellent with a “redeemable protagonist” trope mixed in.

    The movie is creative with it’s divergent time lines and even manages to maintain proper story arcs as Phil continues to loop.

    The supporting cast is wonderful in each of their roles, and manage to do repeat acting excellently.

    This was a popularizing (if not a birth) to a genre, everyone should have watched this movie at some point.

  • Wuchak: _**Going ’round and ’round the mountain with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell**_

    A curmudgeonly weather reporter from Pittsburgh (Bill Murray) has to report on the Groundhog Day festivities at Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, for the fifth year in a row. He soon finds himself in some kind of strange time warp. Andie MacDowell plays a new producer for the network who joins him on the trek, along with Chris Elliott as the cameraman.

    “Groundhog Day” (1993) is a dramedy/fantasy with some romance about a person who has lost the joy of living and become a cranky, arrogant jerk. Is he too far gone to change? The movie’s equal parts amusing and profound. The theme revolves around getting stuck in a rut in life and desperately trying to find the way OUT. Meanwhile the woodchuck is cute.

    Beyond MacDowell on the female front, Marita Geraghty plays a potential date for Murray’s character; you might remember her from the Seinfeld episode “The Big Salad” as Margaret. But it’s the stunning Sandy Maschmeyer as his ‘French Maid’ date at the theater that steals the show in a brief scene.

    The film runs 1 hour, 41 minutes, and was shot in Woodstock, Illinois, which is just northwest of Chicago, and points nearby: Algonquin (opening scene), Rockford (quarry), Waukegan and Cary (interiors). Some stuff was done in the backlot of Universal Studios, along with establishing shots of Pittsburgh.

    GRADE: B-

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