Imagine Me & You

During her wedding ceremony, Rachel notices Luce in the audience and feels instantly drawn to her. The two women become close friends, and when Rachel learns that Luce is a lesbian, she realizes that despite her happy marriage to Heck, she is falling for Luce. As she questions her sexual orientation, Rachel must decide between her stable relationship with Heck and her exhilarating new romance with Luce.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Rachel: Piper Perabo
  • Luce: Lena Headey
  • Heck: Matthew Goode
  • Tessa: Celia Imrie
  • Ned: Anthony Stewart Head
  • Cooper: Darren Boyd
  • Ella: Sue Johnston
  • H: Boo Jackson
  • Beth: Sharon Horgan
  • Edie: Eva Birthistle
  • Zina: Vinette Robinson
  • Rob: Ben Miles
  • Priest: John Thompson
  • Mrs Edwards: Mona Hammond
  • Gordon: Rick Warden
  • Mrs. Webster: Ruth Sheen
  • Auctioneer: Philip Bird
  • Laura: Justine Mitchell
  • Trevor: Gerard Horan
  • Anna: Angel Coulby
  • David Steele: Ben Willbond
  • Natesh: Krishan Naidoo
  • Ms Fosley: Sharon Duncan-Brewster
  • Michael 1: James Thorne
  • Michael 2: Tom McKay
  • Mr Cornell: Andrew Dunford
  • Terri: Kellie Bright
  • Singing Cyclist: Carl M. Smith

Film Crew:

  • Production Design: Eve Mavrakis
  • Executive Producer: Stefan Arndt
  • Casting: Deborah Aquila
  • Costume Design: Consolata Boyle
  • Casting: Nina Gold
  • Original Music Composer: Alex Heffes
  • Author: Ol Parker
  • Producer: Andro Steinborn
  • Editor: Alex Mackie
  • Producer: Sophie Balhetchet
  • Producer: Barnaby Thompson
  • Director of Photography: Ben Davis
  • Art Direction: Richard Field
  • Set Decoration: Rebecca Alleway
  • Casting: Tricia Wood
  • Costume Supervisor: Dulcie Scott
  • Makeup Artist: Sue Westwood
  • Assistant Art Director: Dale Manning
  • Script Supervisor: Caroline Sax

Movie Reviews:

  • Nubyan: That was a great movie.

    I read the subject matter in the preview and thought…this sounds interesting. I can’t believe this came out in 2005. Twelve years isn’t that long ago, however…it fits right in with 2017.

    It was easy to fall for the main characters. I found myself being torn between wanting Rachel to remain with Heck and wanting her to be with Luce.

    It’s a story of love. Just when you think you’ve found true love, life throws you a curve ball and complicates everything.

    In the end, everyone seems to end up where they should be.

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