The Blacksmith

Wyl, a blacksmith, returns home to find that his village has been taken over by a tyrant. When he is commanded to make weapons for his enemies, he has to make a choice.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Wyl, The Blacksmith: Will Kardasis
  • Ser Cyneblad: Wyatt Wolf
  • Ser Reginald: Ryan Torf
  • The Kid: Alec Leven
  • The Captain/The Peasant/The Alchemist: Rishabh Arora
  • The Old Man/Ser Ealdræd: Alex Kardasis

Film Crew:

  • Foley: Will Kardasis
  • Second Unit Director: Alec Leven
  • Additional Photography: Rishabh Arora
  • Colorist: Alex Kardasis
  • Grip: Ted Kardasis
  • Boom Operator: Abhi Lakkamsani

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