Eccentric and full of manias, Michele is a young high school professor who defines himself as “not used to happiness”. He realizes his life is meaningless if he doesn’t have a woman by his side but, after a series of rather disastrous experiences, he feels more alone than ever. Then, out of the blue, a new French teacher called Bianca arrives at school. Amongst uncertainties and contradictions, the two start dating. In the meantime, a series of homicides take place and a police officer begins to suspect that Michele is involved. Bianca will save him providing an alibi at the right moment, but then, everything goes wrong again.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Michele Apicella: Nanni Moretti
  • Bianca: Laura Morante
  • police commissioner: Roberto Vezzosi
  • Siro Siri: Remo Remotti
  • Ignazio: Claudio Bigagli
  • Aurora: Enrica Maria Modugno
  • Massimiliano: Vincenzo Salemme
  • Maria: Margherita Sestito
  • principal: Dario Cantarelli
  • Martina: Virginie Alexandre
  • Matteo: Matteo Fago
  • despised teacher: Giovanni Buttafava
  • Mario, Martina’s stepfather: Alberto Cracco
  • neighbor mother: Giovannella De Luca
  • policeman: Nicola Di Pinto
  • policeman: Mauro Fabretti
  • neighbor father: Mario Garriba
  • Pioggia, Bianca’s boyfriend: Gianfelice Imparato
  • Edo, school secretary: Mario Monaci Toschi
  • history teacher: Giorgio Viterbo
  • psychologist (uncredited): Luigi Moretti
  • guy with bobtail (uncredited): Daniele Luchetti
  • girl with bobtail (uncredited): Fabrizia Frezza
  • Federica, Martina’s sister (uncredited): Frédérique Alexandre
  • Massimo, Martina’s brother (uncredited): Maxime Alexandre
  • Enrico, Martina’s brother (uncredited): Henri Alexandre
  • Isabel, Martina’s mother (uncredited): Marie Christine Vanden Eede

Film Crew:

  • Makeup Artist: Stefano Fava
  • Assistant Editor: Roberto Missiroli
  • Director of Photography: Luciano Tovoli
  • Screenplay: Sandro Petraglia
  • Original Music Composer: Franco Piersanti
  • Editor: Mirco Garrone
  • Story: Nanni Moretti
  • Production Manager: Alessandro Calosci
  • Producer: Achille Manzotti
  • Camera Operator: Alessio Gelsini Torresi
  • Costume Design: Lia Francesca Morandini
  • Sound Editor: Alessandro Peticca
  • Production Manager: Luigi Lagrasta
  • Hairstylist: Paolo Franceschi
  • Still Photographer: Ermanno Serto
  • Set Decoration: Giorgio Luppi
  • Sound: Franco Borni
  • Executive Producer: Raffaello Saragò
  • Set Decoration: Marco Luppi
  • Assistant Camera: Roberto Marsigli
  • Assistant Camera: Lorenzo Tovoli
  • Assistant Production Design: Fulvia Ciccone
  • Assistant Editor: Carlo Carlotto
  • Assistant Editor: Rosanna Palma

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