The Ones You Didn’t Burn

After their father passes away, two siblings return to their old family farm to sell off the land. However, darker forces may be at play that will force them to reanalyze their relation to their ancestor’s land.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Nathan: Nathan Wallace
  • Greg: Samuel Dunning
  • Mirra: Jenna Rose Sander
  • Alice: Elise Finnerty
  • Scarlett: Estelle Girard Parks

Film Crew:

  • Writer: Elise Finnerty
  • Producer: Nicolas Alvo
  • Executive Producer: Maxine Muster
  • Producer: Estelle Girard Parks
  • Cinematography: Brett Phillips
  • Music: Daniel Reguera
  • Sound Mixer: Andre Kelman
  • Location Sound Mixer: Eamon Redpath
  • Sound Mixer: Nadav Shelly

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