Much Quiet

It was starting to feel like this day would never come but here we are, and we’re beyond stoked to finally bring you Much Quiet, the Sirus F Gahan video, which succeeded in bringing together Vans’ eclectic cast of 20+ London and Paris based riders. Sirus was of course assisted in his filming duties by 5T‘s Elliot Bonnabel, Austin Bristow and countless others, Sam Ashley, Alex Pires and Rafal Wojnowski joined some of the missions to shoot stills for the mag, and you can read all about this collaborative project in our interview with Helena Long. Much Quiet features Danny Brady, Rory Milanes, Oscar Candon, Val Bauer, Helena Long, Sam Sitayeb, Dustin Dollin, William Moneris, Nico Gisonno, Sam Partaix, Quentin Boillon, Lilian Fev, Alix Malnati, Alexey Krasniy, Jeanne Duval, Daryl Dominguez, Tom Delion, Conor Charleson, Chris Oliver, Jake Church, Curtis Pearl, Marca Barbier and Joseph Biais.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • …: Ralph Roberts
  • …: Helena Long
  • …: Val Bauer
  • …: Oscar Candon
  • …: William Moneris
  • …: Rory Milanes
  • …: Danny Brady
  • …: Nicolas Gisonno
  • …: Dustin Dollin
  • …: Samuel Partaix
  • …: Quentin Boillon
  • …: Alexey Krasniy
  • …: Lilian Faure-Vincent
  • …: Marca Barbier
  • …: Alix Malnati
  • …: Jeanne Duval
  • …: Daryl Dominguez
  • …: Tom Delion
  • …: Conor Charleson
  • …: Chris Oliver
  • …: Jake Church
  • …: Curtis Pearl
  • …: Sam Sitayeb
  • …: Joseph Biais

Film Crew:

  • Assistant Camera: Austin Bristow
  • Assistant Camera: James Cruickshank
  • Assistant Camera: Elliot Bonnabel
  • Assistant Camera: Romain Batard
  • Assistant Camera: Thomas Vigoureux
  • Editor: Sirus F Gahan
  • Assistant Camera: Curtis O’Dell

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