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PINS & NEEDLES – original film by CAT Youth Theatre

PINS & NEEDLES – original film by CAT Youth Theatre

Emerging from the pandemic, we were all excited to work together again. However, as we started creating the show, we were literally on ’pins & needles’ about whether or not we would be able to perform for a live audience. The news kept changing- could we be in a theatre? Would it be safe? What if cast members got sick? Would everything be locked down again? How could we work together in-person, in this unique time?
And so, we took a leap of faith and created a CAT Youth Theatre first – an original film!
The piece was devised from the ideas of the young people, and uses PINS & NEEDLES both literally and metaphorically.
Merging the theatricality of live performance and the medium of film has led to new creative opportunities and we are thrilled to share it with you.

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