The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The world’s top bodyguard gets a new client, a hitman who must testify at the International Court of Justice. They must put their differences aside and work together to make it to the trial on time.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Michael Bryce: Ryan Reynolds
  • Darius Kincaid: Samuel L. Jackson
  • Vladislav Dukhovich: Gary Oldman
  • Sonia Kincaid: Salma Hayek
  • Seifert: Richard E. Grant
  • Amelia Roussel: Élodie Yung
  • Foucher: Joaquim de Almeida
  • Rebecca Harr: Kirsty Mitchell
  • Ivan: Yuri Kolokolnikov
  • Garrett: Sam Hazeldine
  • Livitin: Mikhail Gorevoy
  • Moreno: Barry Atsma
  • ICC Lead Judge: Georgie Glen
  • Renata Casoria: Tine Joustra
  • Interpol Agent: Joséphine de la Baume
  • Petr Asimov: Rod Hallett
  • Flowerstall Clerk: Abbey Hoes
  • Vacklin: Ori Pfeffer
  • CO19 Officer: Lee Nicholas Harris
  • Mrs. Asimov: Nadia Konakchieva
  • ICC Court Clerk: Noortje Herlaar
  • Garrett’s Officer: Chris Brazier
  • Interpol Agent: Alan McKenna
  • Sonia’s Cell Mate: Donna Preston
  • Cashier: Nikolay Stanoev
  • Dukhovich Merc: Renars Latkovskis
  • Coventry Police Officer: Samantha Bolter
  • Hacker Merc: Alexander Mercury
  • Nun Driver: Russell De Rozario
  • Amsterdam Bartender: Antoin Cox
  • Dutch Cop: Nicolas de Pruyssenaere
  • Zidane: Mounir Margoum
  • Preacher Murderer: Velimir Velev
  • Speedboat Owner: Bruno Salgueiro
  • Goran: Marko Mandić
  • Fabio: Vladimir Vladimirov
  • Widow: Zlatka Raikova
  • Zidane’s Soldier: Hristo Petkov
  • Semi-Truck Driver: Stilyan Mavrov
  • Doctor: Ulyana Chan
  • Burly Guard: Ilian Emanviov
  • ICC Judge: Chris Wilson
  • Policeman Lawyer: Stuart Whelan
  • Lawyer: Atul Sharma
  • Pedestrian: Tamara Sharpe
  • Lawyer: Bharat Mistri
  • Defence Stenographer: Halima Nagori
  • Cyclist: Truus de Boer
  • Interpol Guard: Mark Christopher Collins
  • Guard (uncredited): Ivan Kostadinov
  • Interpol Agent (uncredited): Patrick Hughes
  • ADR voice: Sander Jan Klerk

Film Crew:

  • Special Effects Supervisor: Sam Conway
  • Executive Producer: Boaz Davidson
  • Producer: Les Weldon
  • Costume Design: Stephanie Collie
  • Casting: Elaine Grainger
  • Original Music Composer: Atli Örvarsson
  • Executive Producer: Jason Bloom
  • Producer: David Ellison
  • Director of Photography: Jules O’Loughlin
  • Production Design: Russell De Rozario
  • Second Unit Director of Photography: Lorenzo Senatore
  • Casting: Marianne Stanicheva
  • Executive Producer: Christa Campbell
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Dafydd Archard
  • Director: Patrick Hughes
  • Supervising Art Director: Ivan Ranghelov
  • Foley: Sue Harding
  • Line Producer: Valentin Dimitrov
  • Steadicam Operator: Georgi Raykov
  • Supervising Art Director: Tim Blake
  • Camera Operator: Rolf Dekens
  • Art Direction: Arta Tozzi
  • Art Direction: Paula Loos
  • Executive Producer: Tom de Mol
  • Stunt Double: Kiante Elam
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Dominic Gibbs
  • Music Editor: John Warhurst
  • Foley: Jason Swanscott
  • Costume Supervisor: Georgi Petrov Yakimov
  • Set Decoration: Orlin Grozdanov
  • Art Department Coordinator: Anna Hadzhieva
  • Costume Supervisor: Anna Gelinova
  • Key Costumer: Vyarka Sirkova
  • Editor: Jake Roberts
  • Visual Effects Producer: Danail Hadzhiyski
  • Script Supervisor: Stefania Velichkova
  • Still Photographer: Jack English
  • Property Master: Dirk Buchmann
  • Sound Designer: Ben Meechan
  • Script Supervisor: Lizzie Pritchard
  • Art Direction: Rebecca Milton
  • Foley: Jack Stew
  • Set Costumer: Nadya Dobrikova
  • Camera Operator: Ivo Peitchev
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Veselina Georgieva
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Rick Wiesenhaan
  • Gaffer: Erik Van Wouden
  • Aerial Director of Photography: Adam Dale
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Tim Cavagin
  • Camera Operator: Neven Mihailova
  • Visual Effects Editor: Nikolay Pachov
  • Set Decoration: Claire Nia Richards
  • Hairstylist: Rachael Speke
  • Camera Operator: Kiril Valchanov
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Nick Peshunoff
  • Second Unit Director of Photography: Alan Stewart
  • Visual Effects Editor: Desislava Lazarova
  • Gaffer: Hristo Idakiev
  • Music Supervisor: Selena Arizanovic
  • Armorer: Charles Bodycomb
  • Writer: Tom O’Connor
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Ivo Jivkov
  • ADR Editor: Timothy Siddall
  • Art Direction: Katie Money
  • First Assistant Editor: Alex Fenn
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Ellen Crawshaw
  • Sound Recordist: Sil Stranders
  • Co-Producer: William Paul Clark
  • Armory Coordinator: Ben Rothwell
  • Makeup Department Head: Fae Hammond
  • Key Grip: Ian Bird
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Georgi Garnevski
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Yuliya Manolova
  • Costume Supervisor: Beth Lewis
  • Set Costumer: Anna Filipova
  • Visual Effects Editor: Daniel Ivanov
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Vanya Benelinova
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Iveta Tsvetkova
  • Co-Executive Producer: Marcel de Block
  • Title Designer: Matt Curtis
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  • Special Effects Coordinator: Elena Zhekova
  • Property Master: Paul Oatway
  • Key Hair Stylist: Jacqueline Hoogendijk
  • Drone Operator: Dani Rose
  • Digital Intermediate: Otto Rodd
  • Special Effects Coordinator: Tez Palmer
  • Art Direction: Jan Rutgers
  • Assistant Art Director: Louise Lannen
  • Rigging Gaffer: Tony Hayes
  • Animation: Borislav Dimitrov
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  • Stunt Double: Dessy Slavova
  • Second Unit Director: Kristina Sakizli
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  • Stunt Double: Aidan Brindle
  • Stunt Double: Adam Brashaw
  • Stunt Double: Venice Smith
  • Stunt Coordinator: Amy Stares
  • Special Effects Technician: Jack Longmate
  • Special Effects Technician: Ana McKillop

Movie Reviews:

  • garethmb: For professional Bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds), life is good. As an elite member of his craft, he is well paid and lives a very good life keeping high-profile targets safe the world over. When things unexpectedly take a turn we find Michael two years on having hit the skids and struggling to claw his way back to prominence in the new film “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”.
    Things become complicated for Michael as a despotic tyrant named Dukhovich (Gary Oldman) is on trial for war crimes and countless atrocities, and is about to go free due to removing all those who would be able to testify against him with credible evidence.  That is with the exception of one Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson).  Darius is incarcerated but makes a deal to testify in exchange for his wife (Selma Hayek), being granted freedom.  Darius knows he is a marked man but takes the chance and under the watch of Interpol Agent Roussel (Elodie Yung), they set off.
    Naturally things do not go as planned and the two find themselves fleeing for their lives with numerous deadly assassins hot on their heels.  Unsure who she can trust, Roussel calls in Michael even though they have some seriously unresolved issues about one another that destroyed their previous relationship. Further complicating matters is the history Michael and Darius share which makes them naturally hostile to one another.
    Nevertheless, Michael and Darius set off to reach the courtroom but the imposed deadline and face numerous dangers and hilarious situations along the way.
    Jackson and Reynolds work very well with one another and their banter and chiding comes across as very natural.  The jokes come more often than I expected but the film is very much an action film, and the sequences are intense, funny, and gripping, especially and extended chase and fight sequence along the canals and shopping district of Amsterdam.
    While some may say that the film is just a variation on the Buddy Cop genre of old, the strong cast and the winning mix of jokes and action make the film a very pleasant surprise and one of my more enjoyable films of 2017. It was a highly-enjoyable thrill ride and one of the best films this summer.
    If you are a fan of action, comedies, and the pairing of Jackson and Reynolds, do not miss this film.
    4 stars out of 5.
  • Gimly: _The Hitman’s Bodyguard_ is getting absolutely flensed by the critics, including several of whom I personally value the opinion of very highly. But when it comes to _The Hitman’s Bodyguard_, I gotta flat out disagree. It’s not out here changing lives for the better, and it’s hardly gonna ride out the year on a palanquin of Oscar nominations, but I had a seriously enjoyable time with The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Jackson and Reynolds worked. The leads and their respective romantic entanglements worked. Most of all, director Patrick Hughes worked his ass of to blend comedy, action and romance and have it pay off. This isn’t Hughes’ best work though, if you want to see that, check out 2010’s _Red Hill_.

    _Final rating:★★★ – I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

  • Reno: **Once upon a time two sworn enemies teamed up!**

    Maybe the critics are right, but like usual, I don’t have to agree with them. This is a nice film, not a great film as a few people lauding. It is entertaining. All the stunts were good, comedies were good enough, but the basic plot itself a cliche. Yes, anybody aged 20+ would surely have seen many similar storied films. It’s just in another time with another cast and crew. They had promoted it so well. So the result was incredible. But in reality JUST one time watchable film with not expecting serious laughs.

    Initially I thought it could be this year’s ‘The Nice Guys’, and they are about to repeat the same magic of Crowe and Gosling duo. But it was different. Too hard hitting, just what Tarantino fans would like to have. Besides, their guy, Samuel L. Jackson is here. Both the leads were good. That does not mean they have saved the film. That’s an assumption of fanboys. Luck could be another factor!

    It was about a hitman in capture decides to give an important testimony in the International Criminal Court against a powerful man. So now the bad guys are after him in his every move from England to Holland. A demoted bodyguard takes the job to safely get him to his destination. Their journey begins where they are going to encounter a series of obstacles and they finally make it where a major twist comes in before the end.

    As I said, this is no special, except the way they have presented on the screen makes the difference. But again, not all films are lucky in that criteria as this one. It is like one in a 20-25 films. So if your objective is timepass, then this will do just fine. There could be a sequel, probably prequel seems a nice idea. But I’m not sure whether I want it or not. I’ll just be happy if they do!


  • MSB: a

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