Fathers and Daughters

A Pulitzer-winning writer grapples with being a widower and father after a mental breakdown, while, 27 years later, his grown daughter struggles to forge connections of her own.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Katie Davis: Amanda Seyfried
  • Jake Davis: Russell Crowe
  • Cameron: Aaron Paul
  • Elizabeth: Diane Kruger
  • Theodora: Jane Fonda
  • William: Bruce Greenwood
  • Dr. Corman: Octavia Spencer
  • Lucy: Quvenzhané Wallis
  • Carolyn: Janet McTeer
  • Young Katie: Kylie Rogers
  • Evan: Brendan Griffin
  • John: Ryan Eggold
  • Tricia: Jenny Vos
  • Brian: Chris Douglass
  • Andrew: Jake Scheib
  • Michael: Matt Scheib
  • McNally: John Shepard
  • Wilton: Jason McCune
  • Laura Garner: Paula Marshall
  • Dr. Barrett: Darren Eliker
  • Diego: Santiago Veizaga
  • Nancy: Claire Chapelli
  • Aaron: Sam Turich
  • Mariah: Bri Sche Fair
  • Dottie: Vanessa McCarthy-Johnson
  • Woman at Cameron’s Apartment: Michelle Veintimilla
  • Cab Driver: Frank Conforti
  • Singing Waiter 1: Jason Shavers
  • Singing Waiter 2: Jesse Dillon Sorrells
  • Singing Waiter 3: Brian Muller
  • …: Tiffany Sander McKenzie

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Russell Crowe
  • Casting: Mary Vernieu
  • Costume Design: Isis Mussenden
  • Director: Gabriele Muccino
  • Editor: Alex Rodríguez
  • Production Design: Daniel B. Clancy
  • Original Music Composer: Paolo Buonvino
  • Producer: Sherryl Clark
  • Director of Photography: Shane Hurlbut
  • Executive Producer: Richard Middleton
  • Producer: Nicolas Chartier
  • Producer: Craig J. Flores
  • Screenplay: Brad Desch
  • Executive Producer: Keith Rodger
  • Co-Producer: Dominic Rustam
  • Co-Producer: Babacar Diene
  • Executive Producer: Romilda De Luca
  • Associate Producer: Bill Karesh

Movie Reviews:

  • Reno: > When they had each other…

    I anticipated an emotional tale from the director who is quite famous for it, and yes, it was, but not as I was looking for, yet I still liked it for portraying a beautiful father-daughter relationship. It was not like all about the happy scenarios, but it began with a tragedy and then moved to narrate a father who struggles to provide a better life for her daughter when his health was getting worse every day. In another layer, the story focused on the grown up daughter who struggles as well, but to get close to the people which affected since her childhood days with her father.

    Russell Crowe played an energetic father like he was in his 30s, especially when he shows the affections to his daughter. The little girl who played the daughter role as well so fantastic. The disappointment was as usual Amanda Seyfried like any of her movies. I like her as a human being, no offense but not as an actress. Apart from her portions, it is not a bad movie.

    It was about one father and one daughter, but the title was plural. You should see the movie that has a simple explanation for it. The girl and her father’s story should have been the entire movie. With some catchy moments between them would have made it an awesome product. As expected the end was emotional, and another layer’s end was terrible which was obviously Seyfried’s. I wanted to like it, but I can’t. This movie would bring a mixed response that you can’t decide whether you liked it or not, but mostly you might respond positively.


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