Sophia, a wounded soldier, suspects the medical facility the military placed her in isn’t really for her recovery, but something far more devious. Codenamed Harmony, the facility is in fact a government program to create telepathy.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Erik: Mark Frazier
  • Sophia Gonzalez: Marili Kateri
  • Callahan: Alexandra Wehr
  • Kline: Elliott Bales
  • Ranson: Jessica Inzeo
  • Charles: Pry’ce Jaymes
  • Security Director: Andrew S. Harper

Film Crew:

  • Cinematography: Scott Jeschke
  • Writer: Zachary Gross
  • Writer: Micah McFarland
  • Writer: Nathan McFarland
  • Producer: Adam Bartholomew
  • Producer: Zach Griffin
  • Editor: Julia Cowell
  • First Assistant Camera: Jamie Sullivan

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