Paradise Highway

A truck driver has been forced to smuggle illicit cargo to save her brother from a deadly prison gang. With FBI operatives hot on her trail, Sally’s conscience is challenged when the final package turns out to be a teenage girl.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Sally: Juliette Binoche
  • Dennis: Frank Grillo
  • Gerick: Morgan Freeman
  • Leila: Hala Finley
  • Agente Speciale Finley Sterling: Cameron Monaghan
  • Rose: Veronica Ferres
  • Claire: Christiane Seidel
  • Deborah: Jackie Dallas
  • Bob: Tommie Earl Jenkins
  • Peter: Trayce Malachi
  • Trucker: Calvin Williams
  • SSA Patterson: Raymond McAnally
  • Prisoner’s daughter: Jayden Hamilton
  • Terrence: Walker Babington
  • Homeless: Tracy Pfau
  • Truck Stop Manager: Diva Tyler
  • Tesia: Jwaundace Candece
  • Officer Grey: Xavier Scott Evans

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Barry Brooker
  • Producer: Mike Leahy
  • Writer: Anna Gutto
  • Producer: Claudia Bluemhuber
  • Executive Producer: Florian Dargel
  • Producer: Georgia Bayliff
  • Executive Producer: Gary Leff
  • Executive Producer: Alexander Jooss
  • Executive Producer: Karol Griffith
  • Executive Producer: Dorothea Sick Thiess
  • Executive Producer: Silke Wilfinger

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