Must-Watch Documentaries About Plastic Surgery

Must-Watch Documentaries About Plastic Surgery

Gone are the days when the adage ‘Beauty and brains are something you are born with’ held true. Nowadays you can change your appearance and get the desired look by undergoing plastic surgery on any body part. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which plastic surgery has gone wrong as well. Instead of beautifying yourself, you may end up spoiling whatever looks you do have. You must be aware of exactly what you are getting into and conduct thorough research before you make this crucial decision. There are many documentaries that will give you the necessary information about plastic surgeries to help you make a choice. 

Skin Decision: Before and After

This Netflix documentary series that came out in 2020 talks about the minute details that you need to know about plastic surgery. Generally, when we think of plastic surgery, what comes to our mind is liposuction, nose job, lip fillers, and so on. Apart from these minor jobs which are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many things that plastic surgery includes. There are a lot of other sensitive medical issues that can be addressed through plastic surgery. The reasons people go in for plastic surgery are personal, emotional and at times very complex. Each of these episodes deals with two people who decide to go in for plastic surgery. Many of these patients are not in it for the mere purpose of beautification. One such episode deals with two patients, one of whom is a victim of domestic violence and the other is a war survivor. This series very vividly brings out the emotional element in plastic surgery cases.        

My Strange Addiction

This TLC show deals with the lives of people with strange addictions, amongst them a woman named Lacey who, at 45,  is a mother of six children and has undergone 30 plastic surgeries. Having spent a whopping amount of $250,000 on breast augmentation, she is known for her plastic surgeries and her desire to turn her body into a living monument. Being a public figure herself, she has received varied reactions to her surgeries from the public. 

Under the Knife

This is a documentary that came out in 2006 and addresses the growing appetite for plastic surgeries in America. It also highlights the stories of people who have gone under the knife to get various procedures done to enhance their appearance. In this documentary, Louis Theroux tours Los Angeles to explore the plastic surgery world of nose jobs, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and muscle implants. He spends time in the operation theaters talking to the plastic surgeons and at the same time, following the lives of the people who feel the need to get some work done on their bodies. Louis himself has undergone plastic surgery to get a firsthand experience of the same.   

I Want a Famous Face

This reality show series produced by Pink Sneakers Productions stars young people who have undergone surgeries to look like their favorite stars. Some of the celebrities the participants have chosen to look like are Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Brad Pitt, Victoria Beckham, and Jessica Simpson. The show also highlights how things can go wrong by featuring people who have had adverse reactions after the surgery. 

The Human Face

This is a BBC series that explores the science behind fame, facial beauty, and expression. In this series, John Cleese, actor, and comedian delves into the science of identity, creativity, perception, and sexuality. He investigates how they are related to the human face with the use of technology, art, and stories of human interest. Paul Akman pitches in as the scientific advisor. In this documentary, computer graphics are used to portray how celebrities have changed their looks with the help of plastic surgery. It is a journey into the secrets behind the human face which is unique to each individual. Your face represents your personality and your cultural and genetic identity. The four episodes talk about famous and pretty faces and the secrets that they hold within them.      

There was a time when only celebrities felt the need to undergo plastic surgery. Today, in the age of social media, when everybody is into uploading pictures, there are a lot of people judging your appearance. A good physical appearance gives you the confidence to face the world and this is where plastic surgeries come in. There are a number of things you need to know before you make the crucial decision of going under the knife. The documentaries mentioned in this article will help you make the right choice.   

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