The Lady Vanishes

On a train headed for England a group of travelers is delayed by an avalanche. Holed up in a hotel in a fictional European country, young Iris befriends elderly Miss Froy. When the train resumes, Iris suffers a bout of unconsciousness and wakes to find the old woman has disappeared. The other passengers ominously deny Miss Froy ever existed, so Iris begins to investigate with another traveler and, as the pair sleuth, romantic sparks fly.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Iris Matilda Henderson: Margaret Lockwood
  • Gilbert Redman: Michael Redgrave
  • Miss Froy: May Whitty
  • Dr. Hartz: Paul Lukas
  • Charters: Basil Radford
  • Caldicott: Naunton Wayne
  • Eric Todhunter: Cecil Parker
  • ‘Mrs.’ Margaret Todhunter: Linden Travers
  • Baroness Isabel Nisatona: Mary Clare
  • Boris the Hotel Manager: Emile Boreo
  • Blanche: Googie Withers
  • Julie: Sally Stewart
  • Signor Doppo: Philip Leaver
  • Signora Doppo: Selma Vaz Dias
  • The Nun: Catherine Lacey
  • Madame Kummer: Josephine Wilson
  • The Officer: Charles Oliver
  • Anna: Kathleen Tremaine
  • Foreign Office Man (uncredited): Ernest Blyth
  • Man in London Railway Station (uncredited): Alfred Hitchcock
  • Violinist (uncredited): Roy Russell
  • Gasthof Petrus Guest (uncredited): Wallace Bosco
  • Gasthof Petrus Guest (uncredited): Alf Casha
  • Dancing Woman (uncredited): Nan Kearns
  • Rudolf – Gasthof Waiter (uncredited): John Miller
  • Passenger in Dining Car (uncredited): John More
  • Train Fireman (uncredited): Charles Rolfe

Film Crew:

  • Director: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Original Music Composer: Charles Williams
  • Music Director: Louis Levy
  • Continuity: Alma Reville
  • Director of Photography: Jack E. Cox
  • Story: Ethel Lina White
  • Screenplay: Sidney Gilliat
  • Screenplay: Frank Launder
  • Producer: Edward Black
  • Editor: R. E. Dearing
  • Sound Recordist: Sydney Wiles
  • Sound Design Assistant: Claude Hitchcock
  • Editorial Staff: Alfred Roome
  • Set Designer: Albert Jullion
  • Assistant Director: Roy Ward Baker
  • Set Designer: Maurice Carter
  • Camera Operator: Leslie Gilliat
  • Settings: Alex Vetchinsky
  • First Assistant Camera: Len Harris
  • Scenic Artist: Albert Whitlock
  • First Assistant Director: Tom D. Connochie
  • Orchestrator: Cecil Milner

Movie Reviews:

  • CinemaSerf: This is a great adventure caper – Margaret Lockwood befriends a charming old lady – Dame May Whitty – in an hotel who subsequently disappears as they travel on a train back to England. She teams up with the pretty exasperating Michael Redgrave and together they try to find the old girl. Paul Lukas is the wonderfully understated doctor and Catherine Lacey has fun being the nun. There are also a few minor storylines running parallel with the search which add some humour and a little diversion as we discover that there are sinister forces at work. It’s a simple but compelling Sidney Gilliat screenplay with Hitchcock at his suspenseful best.
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