White Lie

Katie Arneson is faking cancer. A university dance major, Katie’s falsified diagnosis and counterfeit fundraising have transformed her into a campus celebrity surrounded by the supportive community she’s always dreamed of: a close-knit group of friends, security in her academic pursuits, and a caring relationship with her girlfriend. Dependent upon a bursary for sick students to maintain her ruse, Katie learns the funding is in jeopardy unless she can provide copies of her medical records within the week.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Katie Arneson: Kacey Rohl
  • Jennifer Ellis: Amber Anderson
  • Doug Arneson: Martin Donovan
  • Owen: Connor Jessup
  • Dr. Jabari Jordan: Thomas Olajide
  • Julia Stansfield: Christine Horne
  • Colette: Sharon Lewis
  • Dr. Becker: Darrin Baker
  • Heather Sheer: Vanessa Matsui
  • Dr. Platt: Lanette Ware
  • Magda: Carolina Bartczak
  • Sam Blumenthal: Dan Beirne
  • Veronica: Shanice Banton
  • Adam Blumenthal: Murray Furrow
  • Nola Ellis: Jennifer Vallance
  • Kelly: Julia Knope
  • Scott Harney: James Madge
  • Receptionist #2: Jamillah Ross
  • Kevin: Hershel Blatt
  • Receptionist #1: Deborah Tennant
  • Kadisha: Zahra Bentham
  • Ameena: Tameka Griffiths
  • Male Student: Connor Lucas-Loan
  • Rose: Heather Sanderson
  • Rylie: Luc Trottier
  • Matt Nichols: Bradley Van Rooi
  • Isaac Blumenthal: Charlie Zeltzer
  • Lydia: Dedra McDermott
  • Lucas: Matthew Owen
  • Amy: Spencer Glassman

Film Crew:

  • Executive Producer: Christina Piovesan
  • Writer: Calvin Thomas
  • Writer: Yonah Lewis
  • Associate Producer: Lev Lewis
  • Producer: Karen Harnisch
  • Line Producer: Coral Aiken
  • Boom Operator: Alex Hennessey
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Keith Elliott
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Rudy Michael
  • Producer: Katie Bird Nolan
  • Executive Producer: Greg Stewart
  • Sound Effects Editor: Ryan Birnberg
  • Production Design: Melanie Garros
  • Producer: Lindsay Tapscott
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Pottins
  • Associate Producer: Yona Strauss
  • Executive Producer: Sumit Ajwani
  • Director of Photography: Christopher Lew
  • Costume Design: Emma Doyle
  • Art Direction: Jenn McGouran
  • Sound Recordist: Ian Reynolds
  • Boom Operator: Zoran Milutinovic
  • Set Decoration: Elizabeth Kennedy

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