Deep Blue Sea 3

Dr. Emma Collins and her team are spending their third summer on the island of Little Happy studying the effect of climate change on the great white sharks who come to the nearby nursery every year to give birth. Along with the last two inhabitants of this former fishing village, their peaceful life is disrupted when a “scientific” team led by her ex-boyfriend and marine biologist Richard show up looking for three bull sharks who we soon learn aren’t just any bull sharks.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Emma Collins: Tania Raymonde
  • Richard Lowell: Nathaniel Buzolic
  • Eugene Shaw: Emerson Brooks
  • Lucas: Bren Foster
  • Miya: Reina Aoi
  • Spin: Alexander Bhat
  • Bahari: Siya Mayola
  • Nandi: Avumile Qongqo
  • Brown: Brashaad Mayweather
  • Schill: Ernest St Claire
  • Earls: DeVille Vannik

Film Crew:

  • Editor: Eric Strand
  • Original Music Composer: Mark Kilian
  • Producer: Hunt Lowry
  • Co-Producer: David Wicht
  • Casting: Harriet Greenspan
  • Characters: Duncan Kennedy
  • Characters: Donna Powers
  • Director: John Pogue
  • Writer: Dirk Blackman
  • Costume Designer: Ruy Filipe
  • Co-Producer: Theuns De Wet
  • Armorer: Lance Peters
  • Foley Mixer: Ryan Maguire
  • ADR Mixer: Nick Roberts
  • Executive Producer: Tom Keniston
  • Sound Designer: Tom Boykin
  • Dialogue Editor: Sean Higgins
  • Camera Operator: Guy Hodgen
  • Marine Coordinator: Jason Martin
  • ADR Mixer: Kyle Lane
  • Art Department Coordinator: Christo Strydom
  • Sound Supervisor: Dan Snow
  • Assistant Editor: Kris Cole
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Max Poolman
  • Second Unit Director of Photography: Sven Vosloo
  • Casting Director: Ko Iwagami
  • Makeup & Hair: Lian van Wyk
  • Production Design: Franz Lewis
  • Costumer: Kyle Prowse
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Stacey Dunn
  • Visual Effects Editor: Stephanie Traut
  • Gaffer: Lesley Manuel
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Darrin Hofmeyr
  • First Assistant Director: Danie van Rensburg
  • Makeup Designer: Niqui da Silva
  • Camera Operator: Danie du Toit
  • Camera Operator: George Amos
  • Electrician: Patrick Vrieslaar
  • Marine Coordinator: Jimmy Fraser
  • Camera Loader: Pholosi Khumalo
  • Focus Puller: Caitlin Rollino
  • Digital Compositor: Christopher Bekker
  • Digital Compositor: Tyla Koen
  • Digital Compositor: Mathapo Tlou
  • Compositor: Carelize Jacobs
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Marc Bloch
  • Costume Assistant: Misha du Toit
  • Script Supervisor: Ashley Aldworth
  • Unit Publicist: Helene Turvey
  • Seamstress: Hazel Adams
  • Second Assistant Director: Bianca Vandewalle
  • Best Boy Grip: Apiwe Diko
  • Makeup Supervisor: Michaela Young
  • Focus Puller: Francois Archer
  • Electrician: Sive Tunywa
  • Marine Coordinator: Andre Jaques
  • Casting Associate: Muffett Brinkman
  • Online Editor: Derek Herr
  • Characters: Wayne Powers
  • Producer: Patty Reed
  • Second Unit First Assistant Director: Tony McLeod
  • Director of Photography: Michael Swan
  • Art Direction: Renate Schulz
  • Art Direction: Ulf Suhrmuller
  • Makeup Artist: Joeke Bonthuys
  • Props: Daelan Wright
  • Fight Choreographer: Filip Ciprian Florian
  • Camera Loader: Leon Lotz
  • Electrician: Patrick Zakuza
  • Casting Director: Annelie Powell
  • Production Manager: Janes Meyer
  • Production Manager: Philane Ndaba
  • Graphic Designer: Louis Du Preez
  • Graphic Designer: Devan Feyt
  • Drone Pilot: Stefan Van Zyl
  • Construction Manager: Morne Van Staden
  • Construction Coordinator: Vicky Sawkins
  • Costume Assistant: Chinita Olivier
  • Costume Assistant: Chanel Fivaz
  • Costume Assistant: Emelia Gaisie
  • Key Rigging Grip: Jaco Van Niekerk
  • Makeup & Hair: Jessica Nixon
  • Makeup & Hair: Chriselda Odiar
  • Production Accountant: Riaan Cordier

Movie Reviews:

  • JPV852: Better than the lame sequel and this one does have its moments, including the shark killing a character following a valiant speech, but many of the characters were, especially early on, a bit obnoxious being the cliched preachy environmentalist. In addition, performances weren’t exactly the best either. However, there were some fun kills at least so it’s probably worthy of a rental, though still a far cry from the first film. **2.5/5**
  • garethmb: Following up the events of the 2018 release “Deep Blue Sea 2”; “Deep Blue Sea 3” has arrived on home video and video on demand.

    The film centers around a small group of researchers on a small floating city off the coast of Africa. The team is headed by Dr. Emma Collins (Tania Raymonde), who looks to study Great White sharks as a basis for how Climate Change can impact humanity as well.

    As she and team go about their routine, a boat arrives with her ex and a team of divers. The new arrivals claim that a group of Bull Sharks has been hunting and they have been tasked with tracking, containing, and possibly eliminating them.

    Emma is skeptical as Great Whites are more than capable of dealing with Bull Sharks but a discovery during a dive convinces her that they are dealing with far more than they have been lead to believe.

    What follows is a race against time to get to the truth and survive the onslaught of the dangerous genetically altered sharks.

    Although better than the last film; the movie does suffer in the story and acting as the story lacks any real tension and the cast delivers the lines with a minimum of energy. What the film does well is have some really good underwater scenes and some very original and fun take outs by the Sharks. You know what you are getting with a straight to video shark film and while “Deep Blue Sea 3” is not going to stand out in terms of its story and acting; it does have some passable FX and is ideal for some no-brainer fun and is ideal for a fun distraction.

    2.5 stars out of 5

  • Tejas Nair: Not as great as the original movie, which is considered the second-best shark movie since Jaws (1975), Deep Blue Sea 3 still manages to keep you entertained with better CGI, a better plot than the second instalment, and an overall active screenplay that is more about ‘sharks on a vengeful killing spree’ than ‘humans making dumb decisions’. Watch it if you are a shark film aficionado like me. (Grade C). TN.

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