Invasion of the Body Snatchers

A small-town doctor learns that the population of his community is being replaced by emotionless alien duplicates.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Dr. Miles J. Bennell: Kevin McCarthy
  • Becky Driscoll: Dana Wynter
  • Jack Belicec: King Donovan
  • Theodora ‘Teddy’ Belicec: Carolyn Jones
  • Dr. Dan ‘Danny’ Kauffman: Larry Gates
  • Stanley Driscoll: Kenneth Patterson
  • Wilma Lentz: Virginia Christine
  • Nurse Sally Withers: Jean Willes
  • Police Chief Nick Grivett: Ralph Dumke
  • Officer Sam Janzek: Guy Way
  • Jimmy Grimaldi: Bobby Clark
  • Grandma Grimaldi: Beatrice Maude
  • Emergency Room Psychiatrist: Whit Bissell
  • Emergency Room Doctor: Richard Deacon
  • Ambulance Attendant: Robert Osterloh
  • Restaurant Owner: Guy Rennie
  • Anne Grimaldi: Eileen Stevens
  • Uncle Ira Lentz: Tom Fadden
  • Eleda Lentz: Jean Andren
  • Dr. Ed Pursey: Everett Glass
  • Charlie the Meter Reader: Sam Peckinpah
  • Mack Lomax: Dabbs Greer
  • Martha Lomax: Marie Selland
  • Man carrying pods in Mile’s office (extra): Harry J. Vejar
  • Railroad Baggage Handler (extra): J. Pat O’Malley

Film Crew:

  • Production Manager: Allen K. Wood
  • Special Effects: Milt Rice
  • Producer: Walter Wanger
  • Screenplay: Daniel Mainwaring
  • Production Design: Ted Haworth
  • Makeup Artist: Emile LaVigne
  • Director: Don Siegel
  • Set Decoration: Joseph Kish
  • Novel: Jack Finney
  • Screenplay: Richard Collins
  • Original Music Composer: Carmen Dragon
  • Director of Photography: Ellsworth Fredericks
  • Editor: Robert S. Eisen
  • Assistant Director: William Beaudine Jr.
  • Hairstylist: Mary Westmoreland
  • Assistant Director: Richard Maybery
  • Sound Editor: Del Harris
  • Script Supervisor: Irva Mae Ross
  • Sound: Ralph Butler
  • Music Editor: Jerry Irvin

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