The Runner

After being busted for drug possession, Aiden, a troubled Teenager is forced by the cops to go undercover and risk his life to bring down a dangerous drug king pin.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Aiden: Edouard Philipponnat
  • Miranda Albers: Elisabeth Röhm
  • Blake: Nadji Jeter
  • Local Legend: Eric Balfour
  • Layla: Kerri Medders
  • Liz: Jessica Amlee
  • Officer Burrell: Kyle Jones
  • Detective Wall: Cameron Douglas
  • Rachel: Tracy Melchior
  • Reanne: Larissa Dias
  • Captain Ames: Alfred Woodley
  • Rita: Michelle Danner
  • Toby: Cole Prawer

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Brian Drillinger
  • Producer: Michelle Danner
  • Music: Holly Amber Church
  • Director of Photography: Pierluigi Malavasi
  • Writer: Jason Chase Tyrrell
  • Producer: Alexandra Guarnieri
  • Producer: Dario Kirola
  • Associate Producer: Hrisheek Kanani
  • Co-Producer: Teferi Seifu
  • Production Design: Alessandra Manias

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