Hider in My house

Molly Bachman, a young bestselling author buys the apartment of her dreams in the city. As she settles in, ready to start work on her next novel, strange sounds and bumps in the night begin to alarm her, along with the feeling of being watched and followed.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Repair Man: Peter Aloisio
  • Fan wife: Alexis Baca
  • Pedestrian: Taylor Berry
  • Carter: Roman Jacob Boylen
  • Molly: Meghan Carrasquillo
  • Bella: April Consalo
  • Pedestrian: Melissa Ann Duarte
  • Pedestrian / Office worker: Shawn Genther
  • Kyle: Thomas Gibson
  • Fan Husband: Rod Grant
  • Book Fan: Giovanni Greco
  • Pedestrian: Steve Heinz
  • Waiter: Matthew Keith
  • Shopper: Christine Kent
  • Heather: Kimber King
  • Detective Kramer: Marc Lucia
  • Female Detective: Rebecca Paone
  • Pedestrian: Neil Parren
  • Office Employee: Katie Payne
  • Background talent: Kylee Nicole Peck
  • Shadow: Jeffrey Pemberton
  • Coffee / Bookstore: Michael Perrucci
  • Mover 1 (as Austin): Austin Rhodes
  • Police Officer: Ivanis Rivera
  • Grace: Miranda Roldán
  • Keep Sake Killer: Chris Stein
  • Frank: Michael Vitovich
  • Ellie: Elena Sharae Williams

Film Crew:

  • Producer: Danny Roth
  • Cinematography: Patrick Hubbard
  • Music: David Bateman
  • Editor: Alex Gans
  • Writer: Ken Miyamoto
  • Casting: Ricki Maslar
  • Director: Dave Thomas

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