Journey to Hell

A Christian man dies and goes to hell, but comes back to life and preaches about his experience for Jesus.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

Film Cast:

  • Shane Badman: John Terrell
  • Palini Demon: Aaron Groben
  • Legion Demon: Harry Goodwins
  • Rufas Demon: G. Larry Butler
  • Hannah Badman: Emilie Soghomonian
  • Johnny – Homeless Man: Darrell P. Miller
  • Michael Johnson: Gary Poux
  • Pastor Jack: Eric J. Black
  • Hitler: Ron Gilbert
  • Dictator: Val Victa
  • Judas Escariot: Anatolii Reeves
  • Zodiac Killer: Mikael Mattsson
  • Gloria: Bri Ana Wagner
  • Mass Shooter: Steven T. Bartlett

Film Crew:

  • Writer: Timothy A. Chey
  • Cinematography: Roger Artola
  • Editor: S. Michael Rosen Jr.
  • Writer: Victor G. Chey

Movie Reviews:

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